I got 5 6IV adamant honedges and i'm looking for any shinys really. just offer away. the honedges are not shiny btw.

Shiny honedge is so awesome and i would love to have one on my competitive team. I can offer a 5 iv goom, honedge, grimer, pi

Groudon: Impish Its level 45 UT 31/31/31/X/31/31 Moves: Stealth rock, Thunder wave, Dragon tail, Earthquake

Want a haracronite but I have x. I can trade an adamant 5 Iv grimer with shadow sneak. I have a few 5 Iv honedges and a coupl

So i qued up for ranked and i was speechless at first because i didn't know if it was the real sky or not but he said it

Would love to have a frogadier safari so if you are interested add me! my friendcode is 4682-8454-0917

Hi if anyone happens to have a firegn ditto with good ivs i would love to have one or trade you for it. i dont really have mu

Title says it all. friend code is 4682-8454-0917. Need dat muk safari :D

Just bred a 6iv modest goomy and im looking for a good shiny honedge if anyone has one for trade. I prefer 5 ivs but maybe i

so i just got a 3IV ditto from wonder trade that is Japanese and im willing to trade it for a shiny that has decent ivs.

Well i have been breeding some honedge's for a while and i have 4 5 IV honedges that i am willing to trade if anyone want

Need a ditto safari friend. I have floatzel, biberal and azuril in my safari and my frinedcode is 4682-8454-0917 if you have

I have Azuril, Bidoof and floatzel in my safari and im looking for a ditto safari. my friendcode is 4682-8454-0917

Hey i have a ditto safari with and am looking for someone with a dittto safari so i can start breeding my team. My friend cod

I've spent countless hours meticulously gathering and sorting friend codes to optimize my safari. Now that I am almost fi

I want to get into competitive battling but i cant really do that without good Pokemon so i want to start breeding Pokemon fo

Yo its me Boogaloo and this is my ranked blog. I main adc and im in bronze 5. Im getting clamped right now in bronze 5 bec


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