Yey I love missingno c:
They need better songs on this game. Maybe a heavy metal singstar? > SingStar PS3
Not very good songs on here, they need to make metal version >;D HaloReach X360
This is kind of boring. Probably because I have a real pet, or the fact that I like violent games better. Or maybe it's just boring o-o EyePet PS3
My brother beat this in a week ._. I can't beat it in a month AssassinsCreedBrotherhood PC
This game is fun, but you can't play it for more than half an hour or so before it gets kind of boring :L Fable2 X360
Lawl Jack Black XD KungFuPanda PC
I love this game XD not even close to beating it Left4Dead PC
All I have to do is finish the Pokedex! PokemonDiamond DS
I've pre-ordered white C: I'm getting it Saturday! PokemonWhiteVersion DS
Hi! Imma Fox ;D
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