Oct 29, 10 9:54pm
Lazing about
fossilhunter blogged
Aug 1, 09 11:24pm

I'm pretty annoyed right now.

I had just finished the last frame of a 78 frame animation of a gengar eating a mr. mime, and easytoons crashed on me. seriously. just after I finished it. >A>;

oh, and I started making animations. x3

ugh. I'mma have to redo it. all over again. I'll never get the gengars face as epic as it was. never. (.__.'')

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fossilhunter blogged
Feb 24, 09 12:16am

My computer is really slow, so when I open photoshop, my computer is even slower. >O> I'm trying to enter the Pearl header contest, but it seems PS hates me, and has a problem and has to close whenever I get near the finish.

Anyway, I'm doing the isometric spriting everyday. I'll post what I have so far to show you what it is and to show what I've done so far.

It's based on medieval times. :>

fossilhunter blogged
Feb 23, 09 4:00am

*blows dust off blog*

I'm bored, so I thought I'd actually post in this thing.
I'm new to blogs, so I don't really know what to write. xD

Well, I'm listening to Fences, by Paramore.

Anyway, fwee, I'm £15 away from a graphics tablet. :3 I'm also starting isometric spriting (Braeden introduced it to me), and it's fun.

I'll probably start posting more in the blog weekly.

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