i make a point to sign anyone with a link to their gb in their sig...

sign back
i thought id sign, for fun.
i was board so as i said, i would sign for fun :P:P Thanks
hey u are really knowlegdable about tp:fp thats god good cause noobs need people like us so thats all i got to say about that
Well im glad i was the first to witness your great stamp so as a decent thing im stamping back but guess what No PIC he this neo noob cant do a pic (well i can but... its funnier)
We have spoken a few times via PM, so i thought i'd have the decentcy to sign your guestbook, btw the predator looks cool in your sig.

Sign mine, PLEASE!
Hi forgotmytea.

You are good member and avatar you have pretty cool.

Night night and have a nice day.

I've seen you around some forums so I thought I'd do the decent thing and sign your guestbook! Hopefully now you'll sign back. Anyway, in closing, you have been...

(The stamp may kinda suck but still it's better than nothing)