As a terminator obsessed kid I couldn't help wonder how they didn't get sued over this cover. Can't believe they achieved this on an NES. A MetalGear NES
You kill god , and he's not the main enemy. Yeah it's friggin' epic! I say classic a lot, but this SO is. Xenogears PSX
It's to good to talk about sensibly. It's so damn good. Hideo Kojima, thank you. MetalGearSolid PC
Holy crap, I had no idea what this game was, then I accidentally ran over a cop and said : I can do that in game? I must spread the word! GrandTheftAuto PC
The package is a continuous work of art, from game play to graphics to the heart rending music that's still great today. RPG heaven. FinalFantasy7 PC
Yeah, I'm not proud of this one. But admitting you have a problem is the only way to recovery. ChocoboRacing PSX
Wait this isn't Zelda...meh, good enough. Holy crap this game is hard! Since when is a Zelda game hard? Oh yeah, it's not Zelda... Alundra PS3
I beat the first three levels without dying once! Dying every second and it's still amazingly fun and charming! Extra missions to boot! MetalSlugX PS3
My favorite version of Doom. Yes , more than the PC ports. Controls perfectly, and looks better (even than on PC). Doom X360
The lamest looking cover, the blasphemy of a 2d icon in 3d, and ....oh my god I can't stop playing! Secret black armor if you're a hooligan! MegaManLegends PSX
Harder and sexier than Resident Evil. A brutal-controller-smashing-must-play! FearEffect PSX
Did anyone actually make a game with this? RPGMaker PSX
It can't get any better! .... wait it can? IT DID?! Here take my money now! OMFG A ROTATING CAMERA....::heart attack:: - He died smiling. MetalGearSolid3Subsistence PS2
I want every ladder in every game to play that song..."Not for honor but for you! ...SNAKE EATER!" MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater PS2
Yes I collected every dog tag. Snake? Snaaaaaake? Snaaaaaaaaake! MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty PS2
This makes it all better again! Welcome back Dante. DevilMayCry3SpecialEdition PC
Makes Dark Souls seems easy, filled my adrenaline like no other. I will never forget Devil May Cry, and I try to forget Dante Must Die! DevilMayCry PS2
Metal Slug > Contra. More charm, and you can melee. 'Nuff said. MetalSlugAnthology PS2
More content then a modern warfare, online , and map maker built in. Years and years ahead of its time. Modern shooters are regressed. TimeSplittersFuturePerfect Xbox
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