Dragons Call flying monkey child
Dec 10, 06 8:36am
So, just made a new Fable-based stamp. And guess who's lucky/unlucky enough to be my test donkey for one?!


Now stamp back or he'll get that stick- and trust me, you don't want to face that stick.
Chroma flying monkey child
Nov 1, 06 5:49am
Happy Halloween! …. And if you don’t celebrate Hallow-whatsit, Then go out and buy yourself some candy, you poor, poor soul Anyway, due to all those complaints from The Christians—I-I mean, “Minorities”! *cough* Due to all the complaints from the MINORITIES, I will always call this holiday…. International Candeh day. (FTW!) Ha ha ha! So, put on a Richard Simmons exercise video, and be terrified! >=O My Corneas still hurt from the last encounter…. ;_;

Well, because I officially “creep people out” when I go trick-or-treating (who said getting older was fun? ;_; ) I, Will be sitting on my arse… watching cheesy horror flicks… sobbing over my lost youth… and eating Reeses.

….. How do you eat YOUR Reeses?? Answer quickly, for at this very moment, a deadly nerve gas is filling your room. You only have 36.2780 seconds to live. *Evil laughter* …. Just kidding! It’s only a SEMI-Deadly nerve gas! We’re gonna be okay!! *steals your candy while faking happiness* ~_~ (( That was a SAW reference, by the way…. I need a cool nick name, like “Jigsaw” did! >=O ooo! Just call me…. Crossword!! )

Y’know, this year, I was gonna go as a serial killer. I mean, they look JUST LIKE everyone else! 0_0 It’s the perfect costume! I mean, did they ever suspect Mister Rogers of being a serial killer?? NO! Not until that last moment, when He snapped poor little Donkey Hodie…. ;_; But I even had my first victim planned out! >=o Behold!

Magically Delicious my Ass!! ((she’s got them slogans messed up…. ))

Sigh…. Well, I guess this spastic message is coming to an end… So I have one final thing for you—


h-a-p-p-y c-a-n-d-y d-a-y!!! *hugNkisses*

~~Mucho quiero,
Sakura flying monkey child
Jul 9, 06 9:09pm

Oh key of clow,
Power of magic,
Power of light,
Surrender the wand,
The force ignite.
I read your profile and realized were quite alike. Probably not personality, but the liking resident evil to obsessive amounts and having good faith. Neat!

Favorite word: Pharmaceutical

*Don't ask why*
Shonic98 flying monkey child
May 7, 06 3:37am
I'm going to sign this again, because it's been ages since I signed it. Yay!

Anyway, your an awesome friend and person to RP with! ^^

Tomorrow I shall eat toast.

Glitzville flying monkey child
Jan 26, 06 6:45pm

I am EmmieGurl's sweet little slave, and loving it!

This signing has been brought to you by Glitzville, the sexy and annoying one.

I <3 My Master Emily!
Derek Vader flying monkey child
Dec 16, 05 9:53pm
hey there, just sighning fellow Resident Evil fanatics guestbooks

jespomo flying monkey child
Mar 28, 05 4:08am
Hey there flying monkey child

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
LeoPup19 flying monkey child
Mar 7, 05 6:33pm
Hey! I just wanted to sign your gb because our RP is going AWESOME!!!!! Well anyway I read your pro. and you seem like a pretty cool person, so sign back if you can! And maybe I'll get a PM from you sometime?

jeez man flying monkey child
Dec 26, 04 7:46pm
Hey, Happy Holidays from me!

Kinda late, huh? XD (Ignore the words on the stamps...)
DQ Maniac flying monkey child
Dec 24, 04 4:25am
Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

King Ma Chao flying monkey child
Dec 24, 04 12:55am
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope your wish come true.[hey did I just made a ryhme back there yay and wish me luck me too okey]

Soraslight flying monkey child
Dec 21, 04 6:19am
May all your Christmas wishes come true!!

-- Hey, we used to be in the same FF RP! That was Fun! Well, I already have you as a NeoFriend, maybe you will add me, if you havet already? I have been ordered by ITANI to sign this guestbook.

-----ITANI is Teh SeXaY!


jeez man flying monkey child
Nov 29, 04 5:47am
Everyone should have Slipknot in their guestbook

Unnecessary death...

Oh well...

Soraslight flying monkey child
Nov 14, 04 9:07pm
Here's my new FullMetal Alchemist Stamp!

It's soooo cool! Ed ROX!
King Ma Chao flying monkey child
Oct 30, 04 9:33pm
Nice chating with you

Have a happy halloween
Have a good one!
Zyzan flying monkey child
Oct 30, 04 5:52pm
Trick or treat....
smell my feet.....
give me somthing good to eat....
if you dont....
i dont care....

I'll just get these guys to beat it out of u instead

Happy Halloween
Onuas claw flying monkey child
Oct 30, 04 2:08am
Signing stuff, usually a side effect of boredom. Signing back, also a side effect of boredom (or threat of pain).

Soraslight flying monkey child
Oct 27, 04 1:56am

nayru20 flying monkey child
Oct 24, 04 7:43pm
Now is that time that I shall stamp you with my freaky stamp Oh and Happy Halloween!

Mr Sponget flying monkey child
Oct 11, 04 4:39am

That you are.

Nice avatar by the way. ^^
Soraslight flying monkey child
Oct 7, 04 1:06am
Just signin' your GB! Here ya go! My new stamp!

Sign my gb, pm me, and see ya laters!
Shonic98 flying monkey child
Oct 3, 04 10:47am
It's my new welcome: 'Ello Jello!'

It's going to be the new Hello!

Well you signed mine so hey I sign yours.

You get to see my stamp I made!

Soraslight flying monkey child
Oct 3, 04 7:02am
And you're the first to get it! Feel proud!

So cool, huh? Now you stamp me and pm me! See ya!