hkwonton flipper2099
Oct 5, 02 7:54am
Nice neohome you got there. You are doing a great job modding the GC PSO forums. Keep up the good work.

richy_rich60 flipper2099
Oct 5, 02 2:55am
wow i thought i signed your gbook but i guess not. well, where should i start? well i think your neohome is one in a million. not many people can put graphics together and yet even put it into a neohome. and i think you will get the neohome to an amazing height that it will be far better then anyone else's. but right now the two that stand out the most is your's and vip's. and now your graphix. wow, its amazing. its work beyond many. i think you can do better, not as a bad thing. i think you can do so much with that talent. its amazing and it can go so far with it. dont stop i know some day it will get you somewhere with so much time. the work is growing as your wisdom of graphix is also. but i think it will grow. and dont stop bcuz of everything you know and can do, it will take you really far. and just the last thing, your a good mod. wow im tired now, after all that.

-from richard.
Griffin93 flipper2099
Oct 4, 02 2:15am
Heehee, thanks for signing my guestbook. . Its been great to be modderating with ya and all, and talking on MSN. Gotta get some more ideas!

Talk to you later,
R3sistance flipper2099
Oct 2, 02 4:07pm
D'oh if it's the law I guess I best sign your guestbook! I like your NeoHome or what ever it's called.

I can not think of anythink to put to get the minumum amount of characters... ohh that will do LoL.
Amourette flipper2099
Oct 2, 02 2:34am
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
submodality flipper2099
Sep 30, 02 5:15am

Hey, flip! I love the grafx you make! They're awesome! I wish I could make stuff like that... WOW

Your NeoHome is great as well...while mine is just a dinky wallpaper (but nice wallpaper) with some text on it & an "Under Contruction" sign...

"I wanna be like...flipper..."


It's great to see you around & read your posts, & I hope read many more in the future!

So...I guess now I'll sign... *grabs pen & Mashi*

*Whistle* "Mashimaro!"

"Without further ado, I hereby brand you!"

Sorry for cramming this signage with emoticons, but I just wub 'em, don't you?

Elite Swordsman flipper2099
Aug 13, 02 8:11pm
meow! muhuhahaha brouhahaha
*caugh*... thud
lilmoox2 flipper2099
Jul 20, 02 7:07am
I'd just like to say hi and thanks for welcoming me to the PSO forum. I know you're a good friend of Slayer SOD's, and any friend of his is a friend of mine!

Plz watch him while I'm on vacation, okie? (hehe just joking sweetie...I know you're reading this. Love you!)

Anyways, Take care and I'll catch up with you later!

SOD Forever, Baby! Grrrrrrr.
Luigi Number 1 flipper2099
Jul 18, 02 4:46am
Hello flipper2099, I am also SOOOOO sorry for not signing your Guestbook. I like to read your opinion on things especially in the "Super Mario Sunshine" forum there are also rumors about there being a "Mario Moonshine" too. PLEASE, PLEASE go back to the "Super Mario Sunshine" forum, I would like to start reading your opinion there again. I think you would make n excellent Co-Moderater for "Super Mario Sunshine." I shall hope to see you more often, bye!
Dexter1266 flipper2099
Jul 17, 02 8:03pm
Hello thanks for drawing pictures of me. Anyways your banners are so cool. Thanks for being a good mod on the foruums you rock! Stay cool Peace out!
koopabrat flipper2099
Jul 11, 02 5:42am
I can't believe that I haven't signed your guestbook yet. I'm so sorry.
Well, I'd just like to thank you agian for all the help that you contributed toward the Super Mario Sunshine forum. If I ever need a Co-Mod, you'd be one of the first people I'd think of. Hope to see you around more in there! Bye!
Tikal_Cutie2712 flipper2099
Jul 9, 02 7:38am
U dont know me and thats ok but i go around and sine peeps GB when i am boared........u dont have to sine mi Gb but if u want to then u can or just pm me
psomasterlv100 flipper2099
Jun 26, 02 8:37pm
LOL i didnt even know I had a guestbook!!! Well thx for the kind words in my guestbook and keep up the good work modding pso ep 1&2 forum. I cant wait to see the pics u are drawing up and i'm looking forward to playing with you!!!
cbjones flipper2099
Jun 23, 02 5:35pm
i felt like id do tha cool thing and sign ya guest book, :\ :/ :\

hmmm we never got a chance to battle in v2 did we?maybe ill go easy on ya in tha gc verion hehehe...
FOX flipper2099
May 24, 02 1:07am
sorry I dident sign sooner, oh well, your a great guy, one of the few original pso forum people. I hope i see you on pso for gcn as much as possible
Slayer SOD flipper2099
May 13, 02 4:47pm
hi there tate, thought id drop by and sign your guest book (it has nothing to do with the fact that you bitched at me )

i have to make this longer..... *thinks*
Souljiro flipper2099
May 9, 02 7:19pm
Hey flipper thanks for signing my guest book. I look forward to playing pso with you and beating you in battle mode and remeber always have a dragon slayer by your side.
Rammstein flipper2099
May 1, 02 11:02pm
Flipper is a really cool guy. He is very informative in the PSO community and a good person to know. I beleive he has what it takes to be a great PSO mod someday. I hope we can play some PSO in the next installment.
Princess Peach flipper2099
May 1, 02 4:40am
Hey Tate

You're sure an interesting person to talk to, AIM me sometime, kay? ^-^


KiwiStrawberryKittyKatStar or whatever
Icey Squirrel Master flipper2099
Apr 15, 02 12:20am
Hey man!Glad I could be the first one to sign your guest book!(Don't forget to sign mine!)Keep those awesome drawings up and don't forget to tell me when you get that "rare" item!