Sign my guestbook if you havent already, please(see, I'm Polite).

Or you will face my wrath.
and such. ah character limit, i despise it. lets see will this do it?
Hey flip I've seen you from the G&A forum and I'm just dropping by on lots of people to try to befriend them.
I forgot to say this to some other people but Happy Holidays.

Just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas! Hope santa was good to you!

I'll keep ya posted on nvision.

ps. Love the new neohome too.

I'm here to sign your book with a little bit of Christmas Spirit!

Happy Holidays!

Sign Mine!

merry christmas and happy new year!!! and happy holidays!!! may you and your family have a merry time over the holidays.

-richy rich
Yes, indeed my own guestbook is rather, um, naked compared to most, but such is the price of being enigmatic I suppose. O-o?

Haha - keep up the artwork yourself. I might have some things in store, if time and motivation ever frees up. We'll see I suppose.
nice neonazi friend you got there you told that when we view it, we sign it, so sign mine foo

ps-nice neohome
arent you the one who had that PSO thing?
flipper2099 is a very helpful and active member of the community who sports excellent banners and the most awe-inspiring NeoHomes, really pushing against the restricted limits that have been set, producing great end results. Keep it up! =)
Nah I'm just kidding. You are a cool person, and I think this is my first time signing your guestbook. We only live a few miles from each other and I haven't even seen you yet:|

Well, have fun.

Stupidest guy on Earth,
Hey just thought I would give ya my autograph. (signs in big pink marker) Maybe we can talk again sometime, like the 28th...

(sign mine flippy!)
I just want to sign your guestbook again for no reason.

Oh, and Flippy, you're worth more than 200 posts. ^-^

Luv ya lots. ~-^
hey flipper, good job on your neohome. like the format & stuff. i love your jukebox. great ideas. must be my computer, cause, some of the text is overlaping, hard to read... love your scrolling things. way cool neohome!
Taking a look at your Neo Home, you did a really good job. Just need to change some of the white in it, to aother color its too light 0_o You did a good job on SqUiRrEl MaStEr'S Neo Home also, it looks awesome. Maybe you can help me design one, if I ever get around to it;)

Your graphics are killer, and you keep on amazing me with some of the things you create. Keep it up, and see yeah around FlIpPeD OnE^^
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I believe I shall make a new Neohome layout sometime in the near future. I really, really like yours! Nicely done.

And, hey! Nothing wrong with my crazy cursors!
hey, again. yea i like your new neohome, it must have taken a while to get at. but it is looking really good. the colours you used were a good choice. and i cant wait to see the ever ending splash pic. the only thing i dont like, is how some of the rows are longer then the others....

but anyways. i like it.

from richy_rich60
I love version 3 of your neohome. Keep up the good work and keep using rospan and colspan. I am sorry to hear about your friend. My grandpa is said to only live a few more weeks):.
Hey man, I'm really sorry I took the name Flip. But hey! Flip is a sweet name! Well, nice talkin' to you flipper2099!

James Garcia *Flip*
|Suckafree Records|
I've heard many good things about the legendary flipper2099. Get that US copy of PSO soon so we can bust some ass online. I'll be practicing in the meantime.

PS - You sport some pretty good banners, I'll have to commission you to make me one some time.
what do I put in here?? i don't play PSO and i'm not an HTML-er .. yea so i'll be totally evil and anti-trend and say RESIDENT EVIL ROCKS!!! .. hehe =P
*cough* Any way, just thought I'd sign your Guestbook... *laughs* I have no clue as to what to put here!

Well, hope to play PSO with ya. And your right, there's very few people willing to take on the role of Force, so us FOmars DO have to stick together! Heh.

Just don't level up too fast!

Neoseeker Gaming Moderator
Your guestbook sucks, too. What a shameful sight. Paint again?
damn, as always you never blow me away, you explode me away. your new neohome is really damn amazing, and im not lying about it. cant wait to see the final product.

from richy rich,
Disclaimer: If you like what you see, you are obligated, by law, to sign flipper2099's guestbook Sorry guys, but its the law...

Considering this is in my NeoHome, I'm going to be signing your guest book a lot...
Nice to see you. Great picks you make and so unlike me, I can't even draw because of my stupid school homework. Grrr.... We had a good Neo match going on, but that was long ago. Hey, if I didn't join that, I wouldn't have meet you. or did I already knew you before that? Oh well, can't remember. see you around someday. later

Hey I did like what i saw, so as to not get in trouble with the law I will sign it. You are a great designer, and I can't wait to see your next piece of art (est the competition piece) Keep up all the good work and I wish I could design like you.