Hey dolphy. Thanx for the uber-cool banner. See you around Neo.
Yeah, whats up buddy?

Just thought I'd come down here and sign, as a thanks - A token of my appreciation. Your a helluva lotta fun to talk to, and know what just to say. You can always provide some good entertainment after a day in the dumps. Aswell as a great guy, you provide buckets full of inspiration, motivation and help.

Keep it up lad.

~ weve3 !

Hey, another G&A reg. And now mod at that!
Just thought I'd drop by and say...uh..."hi".
Heehee I suck at signing guestbooks (if that's even possible:CONFUSED:)
I'm still getting over the fact your not some big sumo, and your actually a cute skinny guy. It was a big shock for me ya know.

Ya know I've always watched you from afar, sounds kinda creepy I know, but I am always impressed with the amount of skill you have. You really do start a lot of the Trends on neoseeker. I have always been envious of you and now that I find that your actually a nice guy Im even more impressed.

Take care ~
lol, i just now saw your guest book entry...Sorry it took me so long...I hardly ever check my guestbook...

BTW I hate signing too...HEH

Cya around
hey man. I just wanna say your a really good mod the the TWW forum. And thanx for the banner.
Though, I'm still looking for a new hoster.

Keep up the good job

cya around

Hey I'm sorry I flamed in your help thread, I promise it won't happen again, and anyways I was planning on signing you guestbook anyway but found a PM saying I'm banned, anyway I'm over it, see ya' at the Windwaker
Anyways I was going to want this thread deleted because I went to a different site and I found my answer. There are 6 dungeon's for the import version just to let you know. Again sorry If I caused any troble.
Good ol' flipper.
A little late on signing yer guest book but oh well
Flipper I thank you for your patience with me and for answering my questions and helping me with situations.

From your friend,
wow this is a lil to much signing but meh... lucky 7 for me i guess... wait its your guestbook so that would be your luck... i dunno

oh well nice neohome before the images disapeared

oh well good job later
Crazy neohome you got there. It truly is the best [of what I've seen anyway]. Good job. Something lured me to sign this guestbook...don't exactly know what though.
Well, see you around flipper, keep up the great work!

you r the worst member or mod on this site You delete things for no apperent reason It's a free country you don't control me. And second of all we could have been friends wel maybe But we could've had peace But since you have such a problem I guess not
Well after you changed your banner.. to that... err... well you know what i mean... I decided to sign your guestbook

I need to make a new stamp... this stamp is too simple for me now
Your name caught my attention. Is your name like Flipper the band? They're a good band. If your name is not about the band, oh well I signed your guestbook!

I don't know you, but I see you in loungin'. I noticed the link to your guestbook in your sig., so I decided to sign your guestbook.

How about signing my g-book?

Whazzup?! Hey dude, how ya doin'? Well I've heard you are applying to become a mod in the Ocarina of Time Master Quest Forum. Well you should because sometimes the newbies can be kinda annoying at times.

Hey Flipper! Thanks so much for making my Guestbook stamp. For that, you get to be the first person to EVER get stamped with it!!!


I just want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, actually I wanted to post an image I made (all by myself!) just for you but geocities is the devil of Valentine's Day. ~_~;

I'm glad you didn't block me when I IMed you. ^-^ Because I would never find another friend like you. You're the sweetest person around.

Happy Valentine's Day!
~ Sarah
Hello, I haven't signed your guestbook yet, so i thought why not! Nice new neohome you have there, also keep up all the good work in G&A!
hehe my sixth time... maybe i should stop... -_- but i dont wanna. nice new neohome man amazing work as always... i hope to see more...

you got your profile from me lol i dunno...

nice work anyways
Hey man, I want to thank you for making my banner/avatar. I also want to compliment your neohome, its the best Ive seen, very creative, ( I have that same phone that you used for it ) Anyways, Thanks again.

To my favorite co-mod:

You may be my only co-mod, but you're still my favorite... Anywho, I always enjoy looking at your NeoHomes, and thanks for all the help with PhotoShop!

A little something for you...
hey nice new neohome. i liked the other one all green. and i noticed you still have the 88x31 buttons thats cool. i also noticed youve got ur logo as the splash ahaha nice.

i like your new neohome and i love that new banner. keep the work original and to yourself. nice work man. later.