I hope you know that you placed for some awards in the Warriors: Into the Wild Forum Awards! Congrats! You deserved all of them!
I haven't signed before, have I? Well there's a first time for everything you know!

Sooo here you go, unfortunately you don't have a stamp so all I have is a picture, sorry to disappoint.

I'm glad we're friends, you're a good person and don't leave us or anything. :3
You Do know that

*Your *Cough* Not*cough* the...only*cough*that*cough *can*cough*hack*cough*cough*
right ???

And yes i did put them under each other to make it annoying to read
lol , so whats the happy ur 14 part all about in my guestbook FTP ?

lol , anyways nice having u as a friend too , cya around the forums later then

( still wanna know why Ur happy Im 14 XD )


I like our game in ur blog
That's fun and funneh ! YaY!
Gotta kill Zack soon !!!

*grins evilly*

Heya tuna!! I can't believe I haven't signed yo guestbook yet. Oh well now i have, so you better sign mine!

*Psyko was here*

Thanks to teach me Kirian language !!!

We'll have fun with it xD

Nice to know you xxxx
Hey you really want me to sign your guestbook right? So here I am...

Tnx for the Kirian lessons and nice being friends with you!
Hi there, yeah I like Kirby too! (and Link!) Thanks for signing my guestbook, I'm signing back.
lolololololol olololololololololololololo lolololol olololollololololololol olololololollol ololololololololol

Yeah we can be friends and I know the 125 characters thing is very irritating!I signed your guestbook,(did you sign mine?)and I hope thats enough words!
yeah soz bout not siginning your guest book on a ealier date i forgor how u sign them silly me anyway i have signed it now or i would have stupid 125 charaters anyway i have signed now yay