not logged in flame_boi13
Jan 2, 05 9:34am
Hi I am on a guestbook spree. Sign back plz!!!

(Yes I know this stamp sucks but its the only one I have got)
Auria flame_boi13
Dec 29, 04 11:33pm
Hey flame_boi13, of course I remember you!!!!!! I wish you all the best in life too, and I hope you had a great Christmas. I know this is a bit late, but it's better late than never .

DQ Maniac flame_boi13
Dec 25, 04 7:43pm
Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

sweet blossom flame_boi13
Dec 23, 04 12:25pm

I'm here to wishy you a merry xMas
    And a Happy new year
BlueSoul flame_boi13
Nov 29, 04 1:14am
Signing spree...

Please sign/stamp back.
Maw4r flame_boi13
Nov 27, 04 1:54am
JusT tRy , Britney , Shakira , Mila Jovovich inside is it cooL ????
sic flame_boi13
Nov 21, 04 1:38am
This is what this guy deserves, Flame mate I am sure we didn't get off to the best of terms. But regardless you have what I don't give many people my "RESPECT".

Hope to talk to you soon mate:)
Kudzuka flame_boi13
Apr 28, 03 2:02pm
I saw that you were an X-men fan, so I respected that and signed this. Amazing. X-men is awesome. Yes. Yeah. I like typing 125 characters, love it. Must type. Yes. See you in the forums.
twilight chik flame_boi13
Jan 7, 03 8:54pm
im just going around signing every1's guestbook

and u know what could be good? if u sign mine too

love lisa XOXO
Heros Destiny flame_boi13
Oct 20, 02 11:33am
hey, thanx for signing mt guestbook. it's cool to find another Kenshin fan

take care, see you around

Dudemeister 2987 flame_boi13
Oct 18, 02 11:31pm
Thanks for joining my Hitmen RP! It'll mean that it'll get some action, but I'm hoping it'll do quite well. I'll sign your guestbook. See ya later.
Amourette flame_boi13
Oct 2, 02 1:33pm
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
Bunnybaby__Me flame_boi13
Oct 2, 02 9:59am
Ohhh, so you breakdance? That's what all the boys do at the Y-dances. GEEZ... Did you ever break anything? It has to be called breakdancing for a reason... Oh Well!

~~~~ MAE ~~~~

Laria flame_boi13
Sep 10, 02 12:36pm
hiya!! I've seen ya round so I felt like signing your guestbook! So here i am, so u like to breakdance???? cool!!! I could like neva do that!! cya lata Laria ^C^
Wing_Nut flame_boi13
Aug 7, 02 2:32pm
i just wanted 2 say hi and where did u get ur avartar? its really cool. so u like breakdancing huh? thats intersting im not that good of a dancer.
Aki chan flame_boi13
Jul 31, 02 9:53am
Thanks for being the first one to sign my guestbook. I see no one else realizes that I whip my chickens like slaves so um, yeah. Hope I get to know you better. Have a nice day!

LtLeen flame_boi13
Jul 29, 02 3:29am
Just here to say thnks for the welcome!
You can giveanything a funny angle and keep us smileing thnks..........Im no good at this
cool3Dman flame_boi13
Jul 23, 02 4:58am
What's up mate ? Just signing your guestbook. I don't expect you going to do so ... So let me be first.

I don't really know you yet, but you're sure a great guy ! You're the only one here in Neoseeker that I know that enjoy breakdancing. Well, I does that sometimes. Just gonna watch out for my back.

Auria flame_boi13
Jun 18, 02 3:24am
Hey thanx for signing my guestbook, that's really sweet of you. Kewl you do breakdancing, I once knew a guy that did breakdancing really good. I wouldn't have enough talent to be able to do it .