Hi I am on a guestbook spree. Sign back plz!!!

(Yes I know this stamp sucks but its the only one I have got)
Hey flame_boi13, of course I remember you!!!!!! I wish you all the best in life too, and I hope you had a great Christmas. I know this is a bit late, but it's better late than never .

Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

I'm here to wishy you a merry xMas
    And a Happy new year
Signing spree...

Please sign/stamp back.
JusT tRy call-girls.net , Britney , Shakira , Mila Jovovich inside is it cooL ????
This is what this guy deserves, Flame mate I am sure we didn't get off to the best of terms. But regardless you have what I don't give many people my "RESPECT".

Hope to talk to you soon mate:)
I saw that you were an X-men fan, so I respected that and signed this. Amazing. X-men is awesome. Yes. Yeah. I like typing 125 characters, love it. Must type. Yes. See you in the forums.
im just going around signing every1's guestbook

and u know what could be good? if u sign mine too

love lisa XOXO
hey, thanx for signing mt guestbook. it's cool to find another Kenshin fan

take care, see you around

Thanks for joining my Hitmen RP! It'll mean that it'll get some action, but I'm hoping it'll do quite well. I'll sign your guestbook. See ya later.
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
Ohhh, so you breakdance? That's what all the boys do at the Y-dances. GEEZ... Did you ever break anything? It has to be called breakdancing for a reason... Oh Well!

~~~~ MAE ~~~~

hiya!! I've seen ya round so I felt like signing your guestbook! So here i am, so u like to breakdance???? cool!!! I could like neva do that!! cya lata Laria ^C^
i just wanted 2 say hi and where did u get ur avartar? its really cool. so u like breakdancing huh? thats intersting im not that good of a dancer.
Thanks for being the first one to sign my guestbook. I see no one else realizes that I whip my chickens like slaves so um, yeah. Hope I get to know you better. Have a nice day!

Just here to say thnks for the welcome!
You can giveanything a funny angle and keep us smileing thnks..........Im no good at this
What's up mate ? Just signing your guestbook. I don't expect you going to do so ... So let me be first.

I don't really know you yet, but you're sure a great guy ! You're the only one here in Neoseeker that I know that enjoy breakdancing. Well, I does that sometimes. Just gonna watch out for my back.

Hey thanx for signing my guestbook, that's really sweet of you. Kewl you do breakdancing, I once knew a guy that did breakdancing really good. I wouldn't have enough talent to be able to do it .