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[quote]AWwww cant stand blood then your a gay XD . [/quote]

[quote][originator=Solitaire][b]flame_boi13[/b]: This thread isn't about you and what you get off on. This is a thread inquiring about suitable anime for [b]young[/b] children (and by that I mean in years, not in maturity, which you display an incredible lack of. :angry: ).

Samurai X is not suitable for a [b]5 year old child[/b].[/quote]



There comes a day when u realise that u are too old for this shit. Hey wait, no shit...


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Review: Ninja Gaiden - Freakin Nice Shit !!!!!

Dec 3, 2004

Ninjas used to be hardcore. They were the top criminals of ancient Japan, expertly trained killers who studied a dangerous, mysterious art. They were feared by lord and samurai alike, acrobatic assassins with little regard for honor or fair play....

idiotic moron

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