Echo flacky
Jun 9, 05 3:22am
Hey flacky, I got a PM saying I got a new guestbook signing and it was from you, so I should sign yours back since I haven't before. I don't really know you, but I've seen you around the Music forum. Anyways, see ya around.

Natalie Portman + Garden Rule rules!
Sinner flacky
Nov 3, 04 12:24am

Hey man, you are in Exeter huh? i'm only in Newton Abbot. Thaty is t3h c00lneZZ!!

Sign back if you want

Or i will throw myself off a cliff

And you wouldn't want that.

Would you?

No, you wouldn't.

Zergrush flacky
Sep 29, 04 7:29pm

May the Force be with you.

Zergrush [/Size]
im the hurricane flacky
Sep 20, 04 1:47am
Good to see another conference fan on here, you ain't played us yet but that means you've still got a garunteed 6 points from us.
RobtheGooner flacky
Sep 2, 04 8:02am
Hello there Flacky! I've seen you around in the cm 03/04 forum and in the footie forum. You seem cool so I am signing your guestbook. Be honoured
LFC Boy flacky
Aug 20, 04 6:41am
Hmm let have a look at em now

Exeter City FC - Who?

Steve Flack - Again...who?

Feeder - Good band but im not that much of a fan, heard something about Si sniffing there CD cover which put me off

Natalie Portman - Now that I might consider:D

Cheers for signing the guestbook mate. As ya say aint spoke much until lately but its been cool hopefully it can continue. PES4 cant wait will be a great game.

Anyways catch ya around mate

bl3nd3r flacky
Aug 20, 04 12:37am

Hardee Harr Harr.
tubbzy_2004 flacky
Aug 9, 04 6:29pm
Thought seeing as you signed mine I'd sign yours. I only use bar-steward cos I can't be bothered to put the *'s when writing barstard! lol Anyways thanks for signing my guestbook mate. See you around the forums!!
S_i flacky
Jul 7, 04 9:32pm
Just thought i'd drop by and sign this.

Erm, good seeing you round the PES forums, your taste in games is obviously as good as it is in music (Feeder:D).

Shame you're an Exeter fan though, i guess no-ones perfect . Nah good luck to them, hopefully they'll get promoted this season.

Anyway, yeah, see you around
Neras flacky
Mar 4, 04 7:47pm
Now normally I wouldn't do this, but since you insisted it's free, I guess I'll sign yours...

Haven't spoken to ya too much recently I guess I'll see you when I see you.

Til then, keep listening to Feeder!

Link_2000 flacky
Feb 29, 04 9:32pm
A 40 year old woman in full bondage gear (complete with a ball and chain), once snuck onto the Feeder tour bus.

Grant Nicholas later commented - "It was quite hard to get her off."

We're assuming he was reffering to the bus.


Yes! Each time you sign my guestbook I will yet again entertain you with another fascinating snippet from Feeder's decorated history.

Your chum,

IceCold503 flacky
Feb 28, 04 3:39pm
somethings in life are free...
siging this guest book inst free...
im paying for internet to be here right now singing your guest book!!
hah, well....

Just complete randomness
Shadow_Fayde flacky
Feb 27, 04 6:13am
Yeah. I love Feeder, recently got all their albums, I will check out the thread once my stupid ass ban has expired

Anyway, thanks, see you around.
Little Miss Magic flacky
Feb 15, 04 2:45am
strwbrry_shrtck flacky
Feb 11, 04 10:28am
Just stopping by to sign your guestbook ^^

I have seen you quite a bit in the music forum and you seem like a really nice person! =) See yous! ^^ Btw who is that in your avatar? He's cute!

Rinoa_l flacky
Jan 20, 04 12:56am
Heyoo Sam, how come yoo disappeared for so long? ah, well, it's nice to have you back^_^, thankyou for signing!
Kuduros flacky
Jan 19, 04 4:01am
I just had to sign yours after seeing the miserable plea for me to do so that you left in my Guestbook. Good to see you still around the site, coming up on your two year anniversary now shortly, hope to see you on the other side of it as well.

Tehuti flacky
Jan 18, 04 8:27pm
Well the price is right.

Very good to see you around Neo flacky, especially since you materialised in the CM forums.

Take care of ye'self.

Sphinx flacky
Jan 17, 04 9:23pm
Tickets : £21 (P&P inc.)
Train Ticket : £5
McDonalds before : £3
Just a Day as the final song : Priceless

Feeder rule!
Little Miss Magic flacky
Dec 27, 03 1:37am

Merry Christmas even though it's late! Hope you had a good one and hope to talk soon on MSN,

Helen xxox
LFC Boy flacky
Nov 24, 03 10:02pm
Hey Flacky

I see ya alot round the PES3 forum so i thought i would sign.

Good Luck to Exeter on promotion back to the league

Sphinx flacky
Nov 2, 03 1:07am
Look out! Your guestbook is being invaded!

In order to defeat the alien legions and join me in the fight for humanity follow the convienient link ^^ to my guestbook. (Oh already did...scratch that last part then)

Anyway 'try to be funny' part outta the way its cool to find another person with a similarly fantastic taste in music.
And hey, who knows, we may see each other at Wembley, small world huh?

Anyways, for your enjoyment here is a pic of Feeder

- Sphinx
Reckless flacky
Oct 16, 03 10:42pm
How ya doin mate! You're a fan of the greatest game ever, Pro Evo 3. Nice one

Dont know wot 2 say, just thought i'd sign,

Link_2000 flacky
Sep 8, 03 3:27am
Seeing as my last signiture of this guestbook was boring and short,

I'll resign.

Its great knowing you Flacky. Even though you posted there a few days

ago, Forget About Tommorow (Yesterday Went Too Soon

) hopefully, one day you'll Turn, and Come Back

to the UK forum.

I know that Summer's Over, and we're all a bit Under The

, but We Can't Rewind, so don't worry about it. I've

heard on Satellite News that a band called Feeder are

apparently influencing guestbook signitures everywhere, so I'll have

to Bug you to Tell All Your Friends about it. I'm off

now for Seven Days In The Sun.

Why have I made such a stupid guestbook signiture? Its Just The Way

I'm Feeling

Lol, sorry about that , take care mate,

Lord_Makuta flacky
Aug 9, 03 5:06am
I am here, signing random moderators' guestbooks of the forums I frequent...looks like you is numerrrrrrrrrrrrr 6! (Even though I don't come here as much as I used to...I'll stil sign)