The hr7 molten rex is slow moving, hard hitting, and has a hit point pool the size of the pacific. I want to solo him, bec

I recall this wasn't always the case back in mhfu. Right now all the info sites are not complete so i can't really re

All you gunners out there - which one do u think is the best one? I remember the ancient Dragonwood hbg from mhfu, which was

There are a few of these traded material armours such as narga, cenetaur, diablos, lavasioth, lao shan etc. where you have to

When this quest popped up I thought - here goes, I'll only be able to repel him, and then probably when I'm OP I can

I'm talking about the village one. I took him down in the epic Sanctuary battle , but need two of his tails... I don&#

I've got a couple of random guild cards via cat courier. I have street pass on - not that I totally understand what it do

It just seems like a boosted up LS. charge it up in SnS mode then switch to Blade mode and find the opening for A, A, A or A,

Can someone give me a button by button guide? I manage to mount sporadically, but 9 times out of 10 I tend to get thrown off

So it's always been hammers, and greatswords for me... between the two of them you've got everything covered (apart f

So I went through all the tutorial stuff and just wanted to play an online game but can't get a game online! what's g

For the first time since the inception of ProEvo I defected and bought FIFA 14. Reasons? PES 13 was alright... tbh I can&

I want to level up way of the blue by releasing navlaan, but I had a question. If I kill him at his relevant invasion spaw

These are so cool. Last night I was camped at the entrance of the shaded woods cracking blue orbs, when all of a sudden I can

Messed about with spells for a bit, hex, poison bat etc. Nothing beats pure melee. But as everyone knows buffing is crucial i

I'm going to respect my STR build into a more versatile STR/FTH build a.k.a. Paladin build as it has quite correctly

Can someone help a brother out... I'm in NG+ now - how is match-making done, through Soul Memories or Soul Levels?

Got to rank 10, and straight away tried the head on... Looks awesome and all, but I prefer my penal mask... How do I get it o

I'm mainly a STR build, but DEX isn't bad. Virtually no INT/FTH: STR 45 DEX 35 INT 1 FTH 8 Should I infuse m

1. Best all round great shield 2. Best all round small shield 3. Best anti-magic shield 4. Best anti-hex shield 5. Best

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