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Feb 11, 10 11:20pm

It seems I'm pretty much dead on here. it seems the Sims forums died in my absence. Although I haven't even played it since September. (Am I the only one who notices this stuff?)

Don't come to expect me around much anymore. :'C


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Dec 26, 09 4:46am

.and, that's about it, really. You guys missed my birthday: on the 17th.
I blame inactivity. I usually just come on to look for cheats nowadays.


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Dec 7, 09 9:06pm

So guess what? MY DS BROKE. Wahh. Thank god my brother has his in good shape..I'd probably explode.
Yeah, I feel awful. Nothing much new.
I'm off to go reply to random forum topics. Peace,love,and happy holidays,and happy early birthday to me.


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Nov 10, 09 4:31am

After that unnecessarily LONG title..
Hello, GOD I've not been on here a lot. I blame my fanfiction and other random sites. ANYWAY, on November 23rd I will have known Neoseeker for one year! Big party time, eh?

I think I'm gonna explain about my story a little. If you have no patience then bye bye. It basically covers a point in time unrevealed by Nintendo:
Do they have an actual mother? Are they some scientific experiment? And why did Bowser Jr. suddenly appear one day, kicking his siblings out the door?
Well, this is what might be the case for if the Koopalings had a mother.

I've been replaying the Legendary Starfy over and over..and my used-to-be-played-a-lot Sims game is withering away in the corner of the living room.
Ah, well, I'm out!


other musingsthoughts
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Oct 3, 09 4:48pm

Yesss...I'm back!
Haven't been on NS since May.
Also, I've found out my new love is not Sims, but my Mario games, used to be ignored, now exhausted from over-playing.
And The Legendary Starfy is, too.
But anyway, some updates are my game want/have list. I finally managed to put all my games in it, except Super Mario World (GBA) which for some reason does NOT come up on the search on the my games page...
But I'm trying to come on more, and hopefully I will, once I get over my DS, that is.

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May 16, 09 4:59pm

Stephanie Willow is a Pamphlet distributor, secretly dating Scrooge Reese (Story for another day, people!)
Rodger is staying strong with a B....but he belongs in millitary academy, not the prep school!!
Jesse is trying his hand at repairing, and doesn't work hard enough for his promotion.
Jean is still working like she did in the beginning, as stay-at-home mom.

THE END.....

trainer card gaming related
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May 16, 09 4:55pm

Well my second Free Play family worked out..kinda.
I created..ahem..drumroll? :D

Jean Willow
Jesse Willow

Not quite married yet! But getting there..nobody on Bustin' Out is married for me yet.. ;) Well, they moved into 1 Free Street, tore the whole thing down and started from scratch. Now that little 'storage closet' (I've nicknamed it) is gone, they created a quaint little place for a small family. Well, Jesse works on the lower levels of Paramilitary, and Jean stays at home, managing the house. When they seemed about ready, Jesse came home from work and bought Jean that deluxe bed she's wanted for..ever.
Then came Stephanie Willow, their oldest baby girl. Jesse still continued to go to work, and Jean stayed at home 24/7 to watch Stephanie, caring for her whenever she needed it. Eventually the couple had to save up to build a second bedroom. Until then, they had to sacrifice television to create a makeshift 'bedroom corner'. It was branded pointless, because at some time in my family's life, if I want a "teenager", I'll move out the family, and delete the child, then replace it with an adult Sim (teenager-ish). I could've done it from the start but I wanted it to appear Stephanie was 'growning up'

So, back in their cozy home, with the new bedroom, a TV and all, Jean asks Jesse the question..
JEAN- Hey Jesse?
JESSE- Yeah? *puts down book*
JEA- Sometimes I wish...
JES- Yeah.
Or so how I pictured it. So they tried for just one more little bundle of joy...and got...
Ahhh this is where it gets bad.
Rodger is a pigsty of a Sim, bossy to Stephanie, and no friends (exception of Jean), but enemies are accepted. He never bathes by himself: I always have to switch to him and make him do it.
Possibly a Military School future student.

It's a lot more basic than this..but it's the 'story' behind the family ;)
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Feb 21, 09 10:47pm

I didn't just find out my Sim's name today:
I've known it for a while and just haven't posted it :D
His name's Andrew.

Also..I finally got The Sims Bustin Out!! I am NOT far in story mode: I just unlocked Dudley's Trailer and Mimi cursed at me for some reason. Censors and all. (Why do you need censors if they speak Simlish?)

1: Had a baby on Free play.
2: Services took it away. I got it back by saving as soon as I got the baby then quit, then go back.

playstation 2
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Jan 4, 09 11:33pm

It's my last day of winter break :'(


We go bowling on Tuesday for an incentive, though.
Should be fun.
(By fun I mean I stink at bowling so I'm not going to be good, but I still get to be out of class, and not playing with plastic pins in the Gym)

I still haven't checked that Sim's name.
(I think his name may be Richard. I'm gonna check when my brother's done with Globs of Doom (Keeps nagging me to find cheats)

And thank you lordtyger9 for telling me how to make stamps :)

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Dec 31, 08 6:00am

Wishing everyone a happy new year!

Anyway, I felt like writing a description of my newest family on Sims 2 Pets (PS2 version):

The three Stanley family members, Marie, Madelon, and John (Actually, I forgot his name, so until I can check my game I'll call him John) live with their daschund Clover. Madelon works as a Private Tutor, and John works as a Crossing Guard. While the two are at work, Marie cleans/repairs the house and cares for Clover. When Madelon gets home, she's usually exhausted. So she just lies around, plays with Clover, and works on her blog, which is currently at 10% popularity . John has a "job" as a video game designer.

Well, it's not that perfect, but mostly it's correct.
Once again,
Happy New Year!!!!

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