hbn ff 7 master
Dec 08, 08 3:59am
Can't believe that I haven't signed your guestbook yet.... you seriously need to get your ass back onto the RMXP forum ASAP, we are all missing you
Shadowlordrpg ff 7 master
Dec 20, 07 10:59pm
Just returning the holiday spirit, sam. Merry christmas to you, man. Have a happy New Years as well. Hope we make HGO rock super nice.
Vitehite ff 7 master
Dec 19, 06 8:27am
Just sort of felt like stamping here since I haven't yet.

By the way, never forget this important message:

Sign back or don't. I don't really care.
Shinshiro Matsume ff 7 master
Dec 10, 06 6:36pm
check it out!

yea im going around signing everybodys guest book! muhaha
Shin Ra ff 7 master
Dec 05, 06 10:21pm
Hey, FFVII is my favourite game. Thought I's sign your guestbook with this questionably gay stamp.

Dragoon Vince ff 7 master
Nov 05, 06 7:08am

crap I feel so bad cause I have not a cool stamp.. wah!
well.. at least I can say that I am the guy who 'WAHCHA'd the man
Dai_Hiey ff 7 master
Jul 09, 06 9:30am
hey i decided to sign your guestbook...so thats cool and stuf...yep....so hey man how about that there pickle yep they were gooooood eats...anyway EAT STAMP FOO!

Inestical ff 7 master
Jul 03, 06 11:14pm
I've been forums for small amount of time, but I see talented people. there aren't many who can think theirselves, one is you, ff 7 master.
Nightmare Omnizohar ff 7 master
Jun 28, 06 11:54am
You stamp my guestbook, I stamp yours.

Dai_Hiey ff 7 master
Jun 23, 06 3:49am
hey i decided to sign your guest book cause i can WOOTNESS!!! rite...rite so..i noticed your are a master at the game FF7...i dont like final fantasy...nope...NOPE...not uh..not at all
Dylan Kenny ff 7 master
Jun 22, 06 10:23pm
Hey ff 7 we need a nickname for you cus you username has too many spaces.
*Says FF 7 Master* Lol, i'll come up with one later that's not Tim well, you've been cool so far ff see you later!!!

*This is my sig* *Notice the boring words* *And Lines* *With my name*
Nightmare Omnizohar ff 7 master
May 25, 06 11:59am
Ugh dont have a stamp right now. If I do, I will stamp it on your guest book. Alright yeh ff7 master your cool and awesome. *bows down to ff7 master sitting on the throne*
omegablaster ff 7 master
May 25, 06 1:47am
Wow you were right, your guestbook does need love.

Therefore, what better way to give your guestbook love then by me signing it with a worship me stamp?

Also, thanks for taking responsibilty on the Equivalence thread most people would be like, "oh crap better not tell anyone" That shows you have integretiy, I respect you for that.

HamsterMan ff 7 master
May 23, 06 5:35pm
Ha, I guess i'm first to sign here >_< I have 9 posts in my guestbook

HamsterMan > FF7 master