Can't believe that I haven't signed your guestbook yet.... you seriously need to get your ass back onto the RMXP forum ASAP, we are all missing you
Just returning the holiday spirit, sam. Merry christmas to you, man. Have a happy New Years as well. Hope we make HGO rock super nice.
Just sort of felt like stamping here since I haven't yet.

By the way, never forget this important message:

Sign back or don't. I don't really care.
check it out!

yea im going around signing everybodys guest book! muhaha
Hey, FFVII is my favourite game. Thought I's sign your guestbook with this questionably gay stamp.


crap I feel so bad cause I have not a cool stamp.. wah!
well.. at least I can say that I am the guy who 'WAHCHA'd the man
hey i decided to sign your thats cool and hey man how about that there pickle yep they were gooooood eats...anyway EAT STAMP FOO!

I've been forums for small amount of time, but I see talented people. there aren't many who can think theirselves, one is you, ff 7 master.
You stamp my guestbook, I stamp yours.

hey i decided to sign your guest book cause i can WOOTNESS!!! rite...rite so..i noticed your are a master at the game FF7...i dont like final fantasy...nope...NOPE...not uh..not at all
Hey ff 7 we need a nickname for you cus you username has too many spaces.
*Says FF 7 Master* Lol, i'll come up with one later that's not Tim well, you've been cool so far ff see you later!!!

*This is my sig* *Notice the boring words* *And Lines* *With my name*
Ugh dont have a stamp right now. If I do, I will stamp it on your guest book. Alright yeh ff7 master your cool and awesome. *bows down to ff7 master sitting on the throne*
Wow you were right, your guestbook does need love.

Therefore, what better way to give your guestbook love then by me signing it with a worship me stamp?

Also, thanks for taking responsibilty on the Equivalence thread most people would be like, "oh crap better not tell anyone" That shows you have integretiy, I respect you for that.

Ha, I guess i'm first to sign here >_< I have 9 posts in my guestbook

HamsterMan > FF7 master