dark_angel141 fairygrl
Aug 04, 10 9:30pm
aww,:] i dont have texting yet but i will by next week, i was suppose to have it back like last month but i have to pay for college fees and it made me broke. but you will be the first one to text when i get it back, promise. but yeah i am super excited to go on this trip in janurary i haven't been anywhere before :]
jbh fairygrl
Apr 01, 10 12:31am
Jesus fairy i didn't even know you was still rounds!!!

How you doing mah biatch

Remember, Drink responsibly and use Protection!

Lazzara fairygrl
Jan 06, 08 5:01am

greenbean fairygrl
Aug 21, 07 3:59pm
Hill0 (again) I'm going to sign and return the first gb signing you gave me with a pic of FOB.

I hope you enjoy this pic and if I find a P!ATD one I'll be sure to put it on here.
Patton10 fairygrl
Jun 05, 07 3:35pm
Well i was getting bored so i thought i'd sign a bunch of people's guest book and i thought i'd sign yours as well a saying "how ya doin?" & "Hey".

Peace out from the Irish lad!lol.
greenbean fairygrl
May 30, 07 7:37pm
I'm sorry for being annoying.
I hope you are my friend still because it was fun singing lyrics with you!
But if you don't forgive me I understand..

Cute Chao fairygrl
May 22, 07 9:19pm
I know, I should have got round to this sooner just got a bit sidetracked. If you think my avvy and sigs are cute, my stamp keeps with that tradition

Hope to speak to ya soon

Lotsa luv

Cute Chao

eddieguerrerofan fairygrl
Apr 30, 07 7:28pm

Your time has come…
Consider it an act of kindness from myself and let this blessing be with you for the rest of your life.

The Bedonking tradition has begun...

"Bedonking people since April 2007"
ocinom fairygrl
Apr 26, 07 3:51pm
Thanks you for signing my guestbook. In return, I shall sign back.

yusuke123 fairygrl
Apr 26, 07 1:14pm
Hey aa if you can't talk through pm's on here youshould just get on myspace if you didn't yea get my PM earlier if you can't respond to it just a though.
FFXFREAK fairygrl
Apr 15, 07 2:31am
Hah, I got a new stamp too . Been nice talking to you hope to talk to you some more, see ya around!

See ya around the forums~

Rome fairygrl
Apr 14, 07 10:42pm
Sigining back. I was wondering when you would sign. You had no entry in my guestbook, but I deleted your first one, sorry. Neofriends forever.

By the way, why are love drunk since 1/20/07?
Bartuca fairygrl
Apr 10, 07 7:33pm
i like pie do you? well i hava a freind named danielle in CA and u reminded me of her =)
xxanime_madxx fairygrl
Apr 08, 07 12:18pm
Hey I'll sign your GB coz' I've met you in the KH2 forums and I thaught you were cool, also you and me are so alike! Anyway, PM me to chat sometime, ok?
trunksluver fairygrl
Apr 07, 07 10:59pm

Happy Easter to a good friend!Lates chat sometime!

Luv ya!
black heat sephiroth fairygrl
Apr 07, 07 5:03pm
hey we haven't talked in a long time you missed the i in girl haha well i missed the T in heart hope to talk to you soon

xxcassyxx fairygrl
Apr 07, 07 12:11pm
We don't no each other but I was viewing random profiles N thought I would sign your g-book. Don't 4get to sign back now!
Cassy x
SlashXIII fairygrl
Apr 04, 07 6:49pm
just thought id sign your guest book with my new stamp courtesy of mtb:

ocinom fairygrl
Apr 03, 07 11:55pm
I seen you around KH2 fourm and you talked to me sometimes. Hope to talk you again. Please sign back if you wish. Talk to you later...
little kitty kat fairygrl
Mar 30, 07 3:54pm
hey dani, i'm bored and figured i'd sign your guestbook since i never answered after you signed mine. sorry about that. we should be friends, i need some more and you sound fun, my kind of person. so pm me later k?
greenbean fairygrl
Mar 26, 07 12:53am
thanks for being a great and loyal friend to me!
something i can't replace.
u have helped me with the problems and i have helped you as well , we laughed and joked and we sang some awesome tunes along the way something that i can't do with my other friends
u are funny cool nice and awesome! and i just want to say thanks!
HilaryDuffGta fairygrl
Mar 24, 07 6:10pm
hey i noticed you in the kingdom hearts 2 forum and "your cool bye" he he he sorry i noticed that in your heading intro thingy.

its been a while since i signed a gb so i thought i'd sign yours
mortal flame fairygrl
Mar 23, 07 1:32am
Sorry I should have signed sooner. Well here I am your neo brother I think. Once again thanks for making the forum worth wild for me. I really appreciate it.
swordwielder fairygrl
Mar 21, 07 5:34am
hey... this is quite weird... i known u for a pretty long time now and never get a chance to sign ur guestbook. do me a favor and sign back alright?
This is...
king rock fairygrl
Mar 13, 07 4:02pm
hi I got a new stamp and wanted to show it to you