Since you're a memebr of the RE4 forum, my mistress, Memory of Eileen (a lovely thing she is, too) has commanded me to sign your guestbook! Aren't you lucky?

The above is what my super-special-awesome-sexy mistress has done to you. If you're lucky, she might even talk to you, and then you shall know my joy.

Have a nice day.
Artemis exsoldierCloudStrife
Dec 11, 06 4:02am
Hey, stranger, remember me? It's years or something like that? How have you been? Eh, anyways, just wanted to say hey again, so hey! Well, catch you later. Got to go watch for the delivery dude!

Congrates, you are one of the chosen ones that has been...err, well randomly chosen to be stamped because I'm on one of my signing sprees.

Best wishes to you, you very random person you!!
I'm just goin around doin quick signs

goodbye buddy
Stealth Sneak exsoldierCloudStrife
Jan 04, 06 10:09pm
MAUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm the evil geust book signer of DOOMNESS and stuff....yeah.... lets go with that...

I made a stamps!! See?


[img]http://*snip*/stealthsneak/todd.jpg[/img] for my evil plan to rule the world comes together...</plot\scheme>

Dark Niwa exsoldierCloudStrife
Apr 28, 05 8:59pm
Iam here temporairily
It dosen't hurt to IM me... I don't bite... I think
By Dark Niwa .. blah blah... you can read right?

I figure I'll leave you a sample of my latest and greatest work made from scratch, (besdies daisuke...)
well i do have some better but those are secret ... See ju around eh?
-------------- -------------- --------------- ------------------- ------------------- --------------- ---------------- ------------ ------------- -------------- ------------ ---------- ------------- ------------ -----------
Happy Valentines day (I dont care if its early)! I am signing all my neofriends guestbooks and guezz what! Your one of them! once again happy valentines day.

Here is the special Valentines Stamp for my friends:

Angel Blade exsoldierCloudStrife
Nov 26, 04 11:26am

I guess I'm trying to ignore a night of boredom because I have a weird case of insomnia this night. Must be from the turkey and Apple Cider. Have fun and see ya around.

Angel Blade27

If I could rewind, I wouldn't be standing here with nothing but the memory I kept.
Enjoy the time that you spend here on Neoseeker.
Take good care of yourself and never let your hopes or your dreams fade.

"I want to take any memory...
And hold it in my heart...Someday...
We'll overcome the pain...
And have precious memories."

Lets start being freinds again stranger and now the real Youko is hear!
Havn't spoken in a while, not even seen you, but anyway, I just wanted to say hi. Hope your doing okay. Ya need anythin' just hollar ok? TTYL.


Your a cool guy so Im signing your gb. Plz sign back.

-HTML freak ~NLI~
Looks like your guestbook's gettin' pretty lonely. Here ya go and don't say I never did ya any favors!

Great to see ya again.
cute_Jessica exsoldierCloudStrife
Apr 13, 04 12:23am
i see u signed my guestbook a long time ago... didn't no if i did it back so here u go. la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la ok i'm done now.

see u round
Misty exsoldierCloudStrife
Apr 05, 04 2:02am
Hey, good to see you in IE! The Techno Remix of the Rubber Duckie Song in German

was here
Daewood exsoldierCloudStrife
Apr 04, 04 7:40am
Genesis is looking to ba a great endeaver ESCS!

Ive decided i should post in your guestbook properly, with my new cool stamp:

(sorry if its a bit sketchy, as it is kinda big )

See you around the forums dude! Oh, and you need to join this RPG I just joined in on:

Legends of Darkness

I am trapped in the Abyss and she is in another world away.

Remelius exsoldierCloudStrife
Apr 02, 04 9:56pm
remember me? well nvm m gonna sign ur GB anyway just drop by here, jeez! U've got a great NEOHOME! how can u do that? Its very very good one, i like it!

btw, my stamp!
Daewood exsoldierCloudStrife
Mar 25, 04 5:09pm
thanks for the signing of my book man. I apreciate it! #2 though i see, that imatramp guy signed it first... heh. Ill prolly sign his guest book and you will to okay? ill see you at his book, hah...

Ill sign your book with something pretty like you did for mine, but in the mean time, i am in switzerland, so...


- Daewood *dude of teh wood(
Mario Man exsoldierCloudStrife
Mar 20, 04 6:20pm
I just thought I'd sign your guestbook while I was bored. exsoldierCloudStrife, you were in my Cartoon Fighting! role-playing game. That was some great fun but we had a few people who sucked at role-playing, you were good though and I liked having you involved.

I've been looking at your graphics as well and I really like them, you put a lot of effort into them. I was wondering if I could get that Guestbook stamp on mine? It's really good and although I don't post in the Graphics and Animation forum, I still look about.

Anyway, as time rolls on I'm going to have to leave it at that, It would be good if you signed back (preferably with the stamp) But if not that's cool...
im Harvest Moon Girl i see you alot around the Kingdom Hearts forum so i decided to sign your guestbook
Please sign my guestbook:angel:
YuanShiao45 exsoldierCloudStrife
Mar 16, 04 1:16am
Hey exsoldierCloudStrife's! It YuanShaio45 here just thought I would sign your guestbbok. Dont leave! See yeah more in the Kingdom Hearts Forum!