Chaosfire euben0
Jan 6, 13 5:54pm
salvs the name speeds the game
Chaosfire euben0
Dec 9, 12 8:28pm
Opiece hi.
Chaosfire euben0
Jan 10, 12 8:49am

Just realized where your avatar is from. Party Hard bro.
Midnight euben0
Dec 25, 10 1:33am
Merry Christmas

Heya euben0, Merry Christmas and a happy new year hope aussie treats you well
Midnightwolf out ;0
i love harvest moonn euben0
Apr 13, 10 8:15pm
i didnt join the internet when i was 8, i joined when i was 5, i watched my parents play when i was 2-4 and i started playing WoW at 5, then i joined Neoseeker when i was 8
Espeon150 euben0
Mar 1, 10 3:08am
Hey Euben!
Hope I can play against you on TCON soon.
Do you like Pokemon by any chance?
If so I can battle you if you want.
Shaymin2222 euben0
Feb 9, 10 2:23am
Hiya well i came to sign your guest book well of course I'm am! XD well keep your awesome work up in your comic,isn't it weird that the comic brought our friend ship together strange eh?
from Shaymin2222 AKA Kiwi. LOL
CresentMoon euben0
Jan 20, 10 2:33pm
Hey Man!Thought id check out your profile.hope people come sign your guest book(I mean alot!)I may not be a big forum person but i LOVE DRAWING! heh look at me.Im Rambling again.Sorry.. So hope to see you around!
Xplosive Gaming euben0
Apr 2, 08 4:05pm
hi there i have been on the S & M forum and just wanted to send a personal hi from xplosivegaming

also if you have any video requests for this game then check out my youtube channel there are already some s & m vids on there. :>

all in all Hi and i hope to talk to ya more on this forum