So I'm looking for a shinx with guts, and preferably the elemental fangs. I have many, many s/f for trade, so let me kno

I am offering cloning services in both Gen 5 and Gen 6. I will put a S/F pokemon as collateral for your pokemon. I will clon

I am looking for most Kalos shinies, and in return, I can offer any breedable shiny pokemon from pre-gen 6, including egg mov

I really just want a Dawn Stone to evolve my Kirlia, so I'm offering one of my Shiny 6IV clones for one. If you have a D ] ✡ ] ✡ ] ✡

I am looking for 5-6IV Shiny Variants of the following pokemon: Corphish Line Adamant Adaptability Dragon Dance/ Superp

I have a Shiny 6IV Adamant Japanese Ditto for trade. I am curious to see what will people will offer. Only other Shiny 5-6I

I am looking for a Shiny, 6IV. Adamant Entei, preferably with extremespeed. I can give a shiny flawless 6IV adamant japanese

I would love a Jolly or Adamant S/F Totodile with egg moves Dragon Dance, Aqua Jet, and Ice Punch. I have a lot to offer, ju ] ✡ ] ✡ ] ✡

Looking for NU/RU/UU Battles ] ✡ ] ✡ ] ✡ ] ✡ ] ✡ ] http://i.img

If you want more specifics, ask. This is what I have for trade currently. They ARE clones, from gen 5, but are all 100% leg

I'm just looking for some people I can face off with, either as a one time thing or repeatedly. No OU please.

I am looking for a 5-6 IV Entei, shiny or not, doesn't matter too much to me. Must be Adamant/ Jolly. I have two bo

I am looking for a female HA Crawdaunt/ Corphish. Egg moves would be great, IV's would be great. I am looking to breed

I can breed Dratini's with Extreme Speed very easily now, so if you want one, leave an offer below. Guaranteed to be 5-6

I can offer many 5IV pokemon, and I would be willing to give a Shiny Adamant Excadrill for all three. Can also offer a Shiny

Shiny 6IV Sap Sipper Goomy. Male. Caught in a Dusk Ball. Has Egg move Acid Armor. I am looking for a 5-6IV Binacle and a 5

Adamant, caught in a Premier Ball, Male. Leave your offers below.

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