And to get you in the Christmas mood – the best Christmas song ever!

Hello, thank you very much for the GB signing!
In return, I shall stamp you with my own stamp!

See you around! ;D
Thanks for signing my guestbook, heres a Stamp.

Carry on the good work in Spriting.

Just a signing. Thanks for signing my GB! Signing back... Heres my stampy.

now, be attacked by my almighty Irish Charizard!!!
I made a new stamp last night, it features my most used pokemon from each region of game. Like this:
- Raichu - Is my most used Pokemon from Pokemon Red.
- Typhlosion - Is my most used Pokemon from Pokemon Gold.
- Sceptile - Is my most used Pokemon from Pokemon Emerald.
- Honchkrow - Is my most used pokemon from Pokemon Pearl.

Sign back if you can. (Unless you've signed just recently.)


I have placed a post here, simply bacause you have no entries!

Hello. I just dropped by to sign yer guestbook since ya signed mine.

2 stamps for you.

PS - I added you to my friends list for your niceness, so feel honoured! lol, seeya!


I just thought I'd stamp you! (with my new paint-made stamp -_-)

See ya around!
p.s: Do not die until the next fullmoon... Bwahaha
Yo ECP, My good friend. I haven't seen you, like, forever. While posting this, I wonder if you are still active ... Well, no worries if you are not, i'm sure I will bump into you somewhere.


Here you go, ECP. Anyway, I dropped by to tell you I like your Cartman stamp. I've watched my fair share of South Park and even that one South Park movie that had something to do with Canada. (What exactly that is, I don't's been so long since I last saw it)

I can't decide between Cartman and Kyle or even Cartman and poor Kenny ("They killed Kenny!!!!! You bastards!"), but either way, Cartman's great.
You signed my book,so I sign yours.Fair trade;).Hope you stick around the tourny,summer seems to bring all the peeps together.Don't forget to watch out for that milk truck,it's still roams around these parts.Can't stamp you,so I'll quote you.

"Don't worry the car will stop for you,so just keep walking.If it doesn't,don't blame me.You should of known better."

See ya around the neo.

*your stamp didn't work so I guess it's time for you to sue.
So nice of you to drop a sig in my guestbook. Cao Pi's musou mode was the first one I completed when I bought DW5. Keep up the posts.

Hi, thanks for signing, btw your stamp didn't work lol. See you around the Dynasty Warriors forums! STAMP:

see ya.
hey just goin around signin GB oh and thanx for the avatar,Honda Tadakatsu looks so cool


Your the second guy who has signed my g-book today lol. Anyways, be good!
Thank you for the sign in my guestbook, emporer_caopi. See you around the forum[s], and maybe in other places.

sup. i'm signing to return the favor, to say you're welcome for the avatar, and to say i have no idea how to answer your question cuz i don't understand it.

Hey man,
ive seen you on the Dynasty Warriors foums and thought id drop by and say hi,
and ill stamp your book too.

cool stamp lol,
well cya later and please sign back!
Hi, thanks for helping me out on my first day!
By the way im from the u.k too. Thanks again.