MitchOno emmakim00
Nov 1, 12 4:35pm
Seller is friendly, trustworthy and honest. Transaction was legit throughout and went with no problems! great seller!
chatsworth emmakim00
Oct 11, 12 4:44pm
Recommending this seller, very legit and no games. Would from from them again
johnyeng emmakim00
Sep 25, 12 5:52am
legit seller and fast delivery standard work with u all the way to make the deal safe
Blkals emmakim00
Sep 17, 12 11:03pm
SellingallmyROBcards emmakim00
Sep 17, 12 5:28pm
Great seller! Worked through all the complications of the shity trade system, and made sure that we both were satisfied with the deal, and it went as smooth as possible!