Well i'm 18 but have the mind of a ten year old as i have been told, i love listening to music and playing video games. Watching movies is as my favorite things to do because it just amazes me what us humans can come up with using only or imagination and putting it up there on the big screen, movies like blade runner, and star wars. I love all types of music but the one i have to say i love the most is music from the 70's and under. Something about lyrics from back then really meant something to someone and to some of us. I never had many friends due to my social awkwardness and fear of crowds. I love to just go for a drive with the windows down something about it relaxes me at night watching the city lights. But anyways i'm just babbling now. If you're reading this hopefully we can become friends and if not well then sorry <^.^"


I love playing pokemon when i'm on the go and when i have free time, i also enjoy a lot of console games on the xbox 360 mostly just joking around with my friends and laughing at those who take the games too seriously. I love watching movies from westerns to documentaries i watch em all, Good or bad. I play guitar a lot on my spare time hoping something good will come out of it but also to relieve some stress i might be having at the time, thats all i have for now. Pm if you want to find out more ^.^

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