well if you have come here that means you can read so yo know what to do actually FC:4270-1052-8080 IGN HERNAN

The title say everything FC:4270-1052-8080 IGN HERNAN

I just want a shiny female fennekin D:

Im giving a darkrai shiny or a shiny suicune with a shiny luxio

As the title says i want a shiny female fennekin for any of the pokemon up there if you have any and you want to trade PM me

imma giving this darkrai for a fennekin female please anyone interested PM me

Well im giving a darkrai for a female shiny fennekin 4iv minimun if is not so much asking thank you Here is my FC:4270-1

Hello people, im making this thread to make you know that im extremly deseperated.....I have started a long long quest trying

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