God Of Morrowind elder rose
Oct 10, 09 10:38am
Hi, I'm Callum. I'm 11, a master of morrowind, and very smart. You have got a picture next to your name. How do you get that?
Any way, thanks for looking at my stuff!
ShadowJ elder rose
Sep 2, 09 2:21am
Heh I live in Germany now, have been for the last 3 months

Only reason why I got out of UK was due to a job offer in the games industry (unfortunately that's the most I can say...they're watching )

Btw any chance you lurked on the Official TES forums as I am sure I have seen the name Elder Rose about on there
Daho elder rose
Aug 7, 09 7:55pm
Rascist much, I don't have a pet koala, I live in a semi urban environment, and I tend to do a bit of reenactig (hitting people with blunt medieval weapons) also, If you ever get a chance to see them, you should go to Sydney (near the harbor) and Brisbane believe me the bush isnt that great...

so anyway, hows life?