Hello all! I'm looking for some specific Luxury Ball females, most of which are transfer-exclusives. For transfer-exc

Hey all! I just put together my first attempt at a Rain team - just getting back into the swing of things after taking a cou

According to http://www.nintendo.com.au/termination-of-nintendo-wi-fi-connection Australian Nintendo support site, DS Wi-Fi w

I just started breeding Aerodactyl and I've been trying to nail down the right four Egg Moves to give him. As a project,

==Welcome to the Ultra Egg Move Emporium!== Doesn't every Pokémon deserve the very best start possible? We thin

Hey guys, I just wanted some thoughts or suggestions for breaking into the current trading market. I'm trying to get a

Looking for a 6IV Male in the Field Egg Group with Timid or Bold nature. I'm getting sick of waiting for PokeBank to get

I'm trying to get member of the Scyther family that has Defog. I'm not concerned with IV's or nature, but it wou

I've been breeding a living Pokedex in Ultra Balls and trying to only include Pokes that have the ideal abilities for the

Hey all, Really trying to get some Dragons, Gabite in particular! I've got about 30 slots left, so I'll add anyon

Hey everyone, I'm looking to add some more friends to finish off my friend safari. I've got a lot of the availabl

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