shuntay85 edwardtimliu
Jan 13, 13 1:34am
legit and fast seller bought 2.6k worth from him and trade was fast and smooth kudos to u edwardtimliu
Chris000 edwardtimliu
Jan 08, 13 4:10pm
Extremely fast seller, even stayed up late to make sure I got my item
whoopthuritis edwardtimliu
Jan 06, 13 2:09pm
I just used him as a middle man and we was patient and got it done as fast as possible. I will be using him in the future. Thanks!
adjustedx edwardtimliu
Dec 30, 12 12:57am
Just bought 2000 HP! He was great to deal with, smooth communication the entire way! Thanks Edward!
GonnaGetIt edwardtimliu
Dec 02, 12 7:52pm
Awesome Seller as always, will be making another purchase in the morning and then even more to come.
Geniusjester edwardtimliu
Nov 28, 12 8:57pm
Very fast and reliable seller! Would recommend him anytime to anyone looking for safe and secure transactions.
fberns78 edwardtimliu
Oct 31, 12 2:54pm
awesome prices great seller very fast and goes extra mile to help will def do business with again
bakabaka edwardtimliu
Oct 29, 12 2:55pm
fast service, awesome price.
HiStatus edwardtimliu
Oct 23, 12 12:17pm
Awesomely fast and smooth transaction! Got my card for great deal too
Bamaboy edwardtimliu
Oct 17, 12 7:53pm
Great seller. Will use again. Thank you sir!
Salemijo edwardtimliu
Oct 15, 12 11:48pm
Looking forward to doing business again!
GonnaGetIt edwardtimliu
Oct 15, 12 8:57pm
Takes his time and makes sure it is done right, legit
Benzolring edwardtimliu
Oct 12, 12 12:10am
Nice and safe trader!!
silentwarrior edwardtimliu
Oct 07, 12 6:19pm
Fast Efficient Trader... Will be using again.
Chris000 edwardtimliu
Oct 06, 12 2:29pm
Smooth transaction. TY
Wypaulli edwardtimliu
Sep 28, 12 5:54pm
Nice and quick trader!
johnyeng edwardtimliu
Sep 26, 12 8:05pm
waited with me for 2 hours to get my paypal working n willing to reserved the cards for me even when there is other offers.. Absolutely legit n wonderful seller will definitely buy again if he didn't quit the game..
stereoraje edwardtimliu
Sep 26, 12 12:22am
Reliable and fast, vouch for it!
fro4dude edwardtimliu
Sep 25, 12 1:16pm
Bought CW from him.. quick and easy transaction.. good communicator..