errmm listen topo this it made me laugh. a religous man fell over board off his boat and the boat lefgt him in the see. he was drowning however he was convinced god will save him being a religous foo lool. a fisherman in a boat passes by and says "hey do you need any help" the drowning religous man replaies "no god will save me" the soon after a bunch of rich kids on a yot pass by and say "hey dude you need some help?" the droning religous guy replies once again "no god will save me" then finally a family on a fishing trip pass by and yell "can we help you get out the water sir?" and once again he replies "no thanks gos will save me " a couple minutes later the religous ma drowns and goes too heaven in shock of his death he ask's god why didnt he save him and god replies "you stupid *bleep* i sent you three *bleep*ing boats what morer did you want you deserve too be dead" looooooooooooooool


i like rpg and mmorpg games alot they are freking awsome i also like gamecube and nintedo wii's wide range of fun filled multyplayer games they are pretty cool

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