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Jun 10, 09 11:45pm

A fortnight ago I was foaming at the mouth over the prospect of the beautiful weather continuing on for week after week after week, however the harsh reality of English weather has come and punched me square in the nose this week as I've been met with nothing but rain and threatening clouds. Just two weeks ago I was sitting at the beach, soaking up the rays and generally being a very happy little bunny. But now... It's rain. Rain, rain and more god damn rain. It's times like these that I wish I lived in a world of Mediterranean summers.

Another reason for this blog is simply to share these wondrous lyrics I've encountered recently. They are just so nice and comforting, in a way I can't really articulate, however to really admire them, the song needs to be heard.

I took my darling out to the aquarium,
sea creatures stared at us and we stared back at them,
my baby freaked when she peeked at that 8-legged blob with a beak,
she was too scared to speak,
i said don't be upset it's only an octopus,
don't bother it and I'm sure it won't bother us,
please don't be upset my darling, please don't get upset

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Mar 8, 09 6:55am

This is a post with no real aim; it's more just to think out loud, so be warned: I'm sure this'll be of no real interest to most, if not all, of you.

So, first off, I guess I can write about the smallest of things that is clothes shopping online. FOR *bleep*S SAKE, WHY IS ONLY HALF OF MOST WEBSITES STOCK NOT AVAILABLE IN SMALL/EXTRA SMALL! Jesus Christ...

And now more material complaint: Why do I have no god damn money? Somebody pay me already!

I'm also annoyed because of the complications of the opposite gender, but it is not something I wish to disclose with the fantastic world of internet browsers.

And as for internet browsers, why the *bleep* am I on Neoseeker? Seriously. I'm fourteen years old and I spend my time moderating an internet forum. *bleep* me that's depressing isn't it. One day I'll leave this hell hole...

Next up on the agenda of contempt: The human race. Why the *bleep* would you call the police because a bunch of kids are drinking in a field completely out the way of the main part of a cosy Devon village? *bleep*ing people these days mean that I have my details taken by the police for the second time! Goodness gracious me...

Next to be struck down: Children. Why the *bleep* do they think it's cool to bombard me with snowballs on a casual walk around school? Those little *bleep* need to be beaten senseless with a sack of golf balls until they realise that they're not funny. They're not cool. They will never make anything of their lives and that their conception wasn't intended.

Up next is Procrastination: Why the *bleep* am I so indecisive? It's so ridiculous that I can't just do something when I say I will, or decide against saying something to someone, or hit someone with something.

... Well, my appetite for rage is just about filled, feel free to comment so I can yell some more.



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Mar 6, 09 6:05am

In correspondence to the Linking to profiles in blogs bug, reported by Twin_Master.

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Feb 4, 09 6:41pm

Snow finally graced the rolling hills of Devon this week, much to me and my friends delight. It's been nigh on a decade since we had snow at such an impressive level and the whole experience captured our hearts and it really does bring out the best in people.

However, I couldn't help but sense a feeling of animosity from the adults I was around during the snowy period. You see for children and teenagers, you don't need to worry about anything, you can just run outside and fall down sloping hills and cover yourself in snow for a few hours and then come home, shivering cold but grinning from ear to ear to be welcomed by mugs of hot chocolate, warm fires and a blanket from under which you can barely manage to let out a sigh of happiness.

But with the fact you have to drive to work over frozen roads, barely being able to see out of your windscreen due to the flurry of white flakes bearing down at you from all directions can understandably dampen ones love for snow.

But this seems like another small, but definite warning to me, time is running out, you shan't be young forever. One day, you'll be muttering and grumbling because you kids will drag you all the way up to the top of some ridiculous hill just so they can slide down it on a piece of wood. However despite the horrible prophecies I seemed to get throughout my snow day, I still loved every last second, savouring it more and more as the time went by and the precious flakes began to melt. I may grow old one day, but for now, I'm still a kid.
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Nov 28, 08 1:42am

... Right, the intentions of this blog have changed! I cannot be bothered to 'enthrall' the many readers I'm sure I was going to attract with mundane stories that really are "you had to be there" moments and shall instead transform this into a page for any musings that happen to strike me during log-on time on Neo! Wonderful, spur of the moment, nonsensical rubbish. Stuff only the English can do properly.

So, I hope to give anybody that reads this a small insight into the cluttered slum that is my head and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it. :)


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