DXnations knows nothing about RS or anything else. he is just reely pathetic.

just kidding DX good to have you in the RS forum
hey dxnation, i also see you around alot of things like forums and i just thought that ur nice and i wanted to sign ur g-b

I was the one who wanted to dance
Thanx for dancing my Guest book ^^P
Now I return the favor!

*Start's to dance*
(Aren't I clever lol)

Sadly I don't have a GB signature.. maybe one day

See you in the playground! ^^P

Hello There! Thank you very much for signing my guest book. So since you signed mine, I thought it would be just as nice to sign yours.

Hope to see you more around the Sonic Heroes forum. See ya soon.

From the one and only 5% sane Demon Lover!
You seem like a pretty nice person to me, so i'm signin your g-book.
You sure know a lot of Runescape.
Anyway, nice to have you on Neoseeker, keep up the good work!

Neo's Undercover Hedgehog - UltimateSonic
Hiya!! Thanks for signing my bookie.
See ya around Bye!!
This guestbook signing is being processed by Intel Super Computers, Reedtucker did NOT sign this.

Keep coming to the RuneScape forum, you're one of the few people keeping it active. See ya around.
Yo, I've seen you around the RuneScape forum, you seem to be a pretty experienced player... well, I hope to see you around in the game and in the forum.. see ya later.
Hey DXnation,

I see you around the RS forums alot, so im jus signin ur guestbook, and hope you'll do the same,

Hope to see you more often, and glad you'll be playin rs2.


Heh, I finally finished making my stamp, talk to ya on MSN!
hi i just thought i would sign your guestbook i usually leave a poem but you can check them out on my thread anway this should do


Glad to see you like Anime so much now, all my hard work was not in vain
Curses!! I was going to be the first to sign your guestbook... but Reno got there first, oh well...

Welcome to Neo! Hope you enjoy your time here