Tres dxnation
Jan 19, 05 11:12pm

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>

TriofrceSage dxnation
Dec 25, 04 5:36am

And a merry christmas to you! From the <3 of TFS!


P.S. PLEASE Help save the Domo-Kuns!!!
Ren of Heavens dxnation
Dec 25, 04 4:03am

_Shinigami_ dxnation
Dec 23, 04 4:03pm
Hello everyone! Here is a little something for you all! I hope you like this Christmas E-Card!!



LanDi Sama dxnation
Dec 23, 04 1:54am

and a happy new year
Enth dxnation
Dec 17, 04 1:58am
Master Tosuno has ordered me to invade the guestbook of 10 members – And YOU are one of the unfortunate few! BWHAHAHAHAHHAA!! Also, Merry Christmas – If you think “Santa” or “Jesus” can save you from Master Tosuno’s wrath…Then look at these pictures and be mistaken!!!

~ Merry Xmas From Enth…And Master Tosuno ~
DenniseA dxnation
Dec 15, 04 8:07am
I'm just saying Happy Holidays
Have a great and fun holiday

LanDi Sama dxnation
Nov 19, 04 4:16am

Ren of Heavens dxnation
Nov 17, 04 4:00am
Chobi dxnation
Nov 6, 04 2:52am
Yay! Weird people unite. xD I hope that cookie didn't make you too ill.

*shifty eyes*

Ren of Heavens dxnation
Oct 30, 04 5:17am

LanDi Sama dxnation
Oct 29, 04 10:40pm
Happy Halloween & Guy Fawkes Night!

Harvest Moon girl dxnation
Oct 29, 04 10:04am
No I have no real reason for choosing to sign your GB.
Other than the fact that umm
I've seen you around in Loungin'
I think you have an avi of Tohru from Furuba(My favorite anime)
And its almost Halloween
That's a good excuse right??

+Toni Was Here+
Homunculus Lover dxnation
Oct 27, 04 11:41pm

Blah. Happy Halloween to ya!

Shhh! It was my first stamp I've done.
Fourth Dimension dxnation
Oct 27, 04 4:36am

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn FwEnD!!!11 DoNt EaT aLl YoUr TrEaTs At oNcE oR YoUlL bE sIc
Ffantasy_gamer dxnation
Oct 17, 04 3:05am

now sign mine or else Guestbook
Pip dxnation
Oct 6, 04 6:09pm

You got randomly stamped with my new stamp!!!!
Well anyhoo catch ya later and mind and sign back.....
Cloud777 dxnation
Sep 5, 04 4:19am
i'm goin on a runescape signing spree!!!sign mine
Makeaton dxnation
Aug 29, 04 7:34pm
just saying hi
but i looked around the forums, you should reay be chose as a mod(for the runescape forums) , you know alot about it, and you realy keep that forum alive, if we could vote on mods, id pick you

(i know, i dont have a stamp thingy,im a n00b at these forums)
rpgaction dxnation
Aug 11, 04 12:00am
I just got pwned by dxnation :'( I feel dumb, stupid, *bleep*ed. I'm probably not the first but I still feel dumb.

Sodacake dxnation
Aug 6, 04 2:16am
umm don't know what i am doing,lol.
Umm son't know what to say either. **me thinks of something to say**
oh i got it....Hello.
Chris2004 dxnation
Jul 22, 04 12:25am
I thought i would sign here because well you have commented in my digi port and i wanted to use my stamp so

Sosai X dxnation
Jul 21, 04 7:34am
I saw ya stamp in some g-book.
It looks pretty cool so I wanted to say hi.
If ya get the chance please sign back.
Anyway STAMP

Do ya like the stamp?
It's one of my first stamps.

Well cya..!

Stamped by tha one and only
Omega X dxnation
Jul 19, 04 5:39am
You've helped me quite a lot of the RS forum so I shall sign your guest book! Ha ha!

LanDi Sama dxnation
Jul 9, 04 10:44pm

You get the idea...