I need someone to help me EV train my Dragonite in Attack and Speed. Can anyone help me please?

Cant wait

It's not Kingdom Hearts 3's release date, but Square Enix has epic news for fans of the franchise. Following up the release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX is the announcement of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX. A natural progression, right? 2.5 ReMIX is mo....

I need Tornadus, Reshiram,and Victini PM me for what i have too offer

I am in dire need of a cryogonal can someone breed me one?

I have a gen 3 Eevee with the move mimic. Would anyone like him?

I have this shiny Charamnder that i realy do not need. Any offers welcome.

I have a shiny bidoof up for trade anyone want him?

I need the following pokemon to complete my National dex in Platinum Mew Latais Deoxys Jirachi Darkrai Any help wo

I need someone to migrate my ditto from pokemon platinum and than trade to my white. Will give a shiny Zangoose in gen 4 for

Hi, I welcome everyone to Dustclan's shop! Here, I can offer just about any Pokemon you can breed! I also have a few eve

I am looking to open a shop and would like some shiny pokemon. I can not trade other shiny pokemon as I have none. Any legit

I have almost all Pokémon so if you need a Pokémon I can breed it if it is breed able. I will take any pokemon

I need a Seviper and Lunatone to help complete my pokedex. Any kind will do egg or hatched UT or not

I have a bunch of Mawile that need good homes also have spritomb and eevee as well (can evolve the eevee if necessary)

I am looking for the Regis from Ruby emerald sapphire, Entei, Raikou,Latais,Laios,heart gold kyogre,and possibly a legit mew

I have platinum and are looking for pokemon that are exclusives to Heart gold and soul silver. Will trade pokemon that can be

I am looking. For a shiny starley,shiny shinx,and possibly a shiny ralts. Willing to trade multiple Pokemon for one.

I have 17 (at the moment) Mawile I have caught during a swarm in soul silver. Anyone need a Mawile?

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