KougasGrl01 duskull
Feb 5, 05 7:31am
Looking though peoples guestbook and stamping them as i go Ur just another Victum that i have to stamp....

FFX Fanatic duskull
Jan 7, 04 3:10am
here's something to amuse you:
look down

look up

Botan duskull
Jan 5, 04 1:49am
Hello I'm new here (and I'm already a forum junkie!). You don't know me and I don't know you, but your signature said to sign your guestbook so I did. Plus as animegirl said, I will help you with your 15 page goal! bye!

>^^< meow!
animegirl duskull
Jan 3, 04 8:37pm
I'm just signing again to help you reach your goal of 15 pages. You're a great friend, and I hope it stays that way. TTYL! BYE!

ronknight duskull
Jan 3, 04 12:13pm
myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy assssssssssssssssss is oneeeeee fire!

helpy help ok i wankie ur guestbook now so i cany get thrills off mamas home bakey beans that share my pnatsies on sunday night! i read horny because horny means aircrafts that have babys andddddddddddd ohhhhhhhhhhhhh


i spokey japaniseeeeeeee!

rinoaooooooooo llllll is a demony she eats hitos asssssssssss and screws melody for theills?

why is my 50 cent album missing for thrills?

to be a mastaaaaaaaaaaa

poekemooooooo matsssssaaaaaa

i willlllllll be wankieeeeee

seeeeeeeeeeeee i righty backwadsssssssssss

i have 400000000 leather thongs for christmas and garyyyyyy broughty me chains and whippyyyyyyysssssss!

666666666666666666 i county my children with dragoon 2 kool and phantasy lord because hhe gave me freebes?

why has a pin got wood in it?
where is your head mama?

myyyyyyyyyyy head is painted gold

nick pot noodle nick!

ohhhhhh the painy of givy birth i will nowwwwww wankies

love u all

demon buttercup and her 50 kiddies
Dragon Girl duskull
Jan 3, 04 4:10am
Sorry Im late signing your questbook.(about 5 months.Ugh)
Yes, I do belong to a club. I take Taekwondo, similar to karate. I'm in most of the Spyro the Dragon forums, by the way. Thanks for signing my guestbook!
Shy14 duskull
Jan 2, 04 4:10pm
Well, Im sighning your guestbook because you asked me to. And because you are a friend of Kym and Becca. And I do like saying spoon. Thanx for the idea.


Fantasy Princess duskull
Dec 30, 03 9:13am
you told me to sign your guestbook too so, im doing that!! by the way, if you want my picture and all, email ok? ttyl!! ^_~

i hope we can become friends and all!! by the way...again...how old are you??
Little Miss Magic duskull
Dec 30, 03 5:19am

Hey I know it's really late but hope you had a merry christmas! & have a happy new year! Click the stamp for an animation and I'll see you around. ^^

LMM xxx
MegaDemon duskull
Dec 26, 03 10:23am
Hi there, duskull!! How are you??
Merry Christmas!!!

Take care, see you later!
HALOMAN duskull
Dec 24, 03 6:32pm
It said sign your guest book, so I did because I know how much we all like it when we get our books signed... the only thing anyone ever has to do in return for me if I sign their guest book is to... yep, you guessed it, sign mine... please!
JamesBlonde duskull
Dec 24, 03 8:38am
wow do i seem that manish? i'm just a girl thats into video games and skateboarding and guitar and i listen to hardcore music... well i guess i'm not your average girl..
Key zer duskull
Dec 19, 03 4:01pm

Have a Proper Crimbo (selecta)
Jack The Bandit duskull
Dec 14, 03 5:56am
Yeah Rikku is hot.Maybe there'll be an android in the future of her actual body.And personality.Thanks for signin' my guestbook!

Hope to see you around in the forums as well!

From my sexy master Rikku's slave
FFX Fanatic duskull
Dec 14, 03 2:26am
that is a wicked avatar. did you make it?

anyway I'm signing your guestbook and I promise not to hunt you down and wax your legs.... .... ..... .... .... .

merry xmas loadsa luv:
Blackheartedwolf duskull
Dec 13, 03 3:07am

Happy Holidays from Blackheartedwolf!
animegirl duskull
Dec 12, 03 4:54am
I'm not sure if I had signed here or not, but I didn't want to go back through the pages and look. It's been real fun talking to you. You're an awesome friend. Here is something I just made. I've never used it in a guestbook before, so I'm sorry if it looks bad.




Varsity Angel 7 duskull
Nov 15, 03 11:12am
Well, thanks for signing my gbook ! Hmmm... now to fill in the limit with random gibberish and laughter: NEEEEEEEE HEE HEEEEEEE HA HEEEE EEEEEEE KYAA HAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! lol I'm not crazy ! Anyways... c ya later XD !
Kitty The Loser duskull
Nov 14, 03 4:19am
Well anyway I'd like to thank you for signing the guest book, I've only discovered it today. Well don't worry about the frying pan, I can tease her about her obsession with Kai...yes.... Well see ya round!
kerianya_fijiteenia duskull
Nov 13, 03 9:00pm
Hi thought I would sign your booky because you did mine Nice to find another yorkshire person.
Where abouts in Yorkshire do you come from? PM me and let me know. I live in Wakefield! Don't worry I wont stalk you cos I have no time to stalk people!

Take care

Blessing be upon this guestbook

Unspoken duskull
Nov 13, 03 1:54am
Hey! sign my guestbook sometime!!

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|

woody69 duskull
Nov 11, 03 3:06am
hey eddie, youve sighned mine so i'll sighn yours.

c u at skool on tuesday for the science test. hip hip hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nofx_69 duskull
Nov 9, 03 8:35am
ya thanx for signing my guestbook. yep you were first to sign and now im signing yours. well, you seem pretty cool so let's pm eachotehr some time. bye now.

Dark_Mist duskull
Nov 9, 03 8:22am
Well, you signed mine so I'll sign yours! So far you seem like a really nice person and I look forward to talking to you sometime. Bye bye.
Megacool999 duskull
Nov 8, 03 5:17am
Sign my Guest Book sometimes and here is my stamp:
Signed by ,