Nothing much to say here...
You might wanna check out the stories/songs that I write in my own guestbook...
I'm not saying you have to sign it...
But I'm asking you to read the stories/songs that I took the short amount of time to type...


Mostly I like to:
•Talk about games on two forum websites, MKDD UK and Neoseeker (obviously)
•Create games of my own (using Gamemaker)
•Make strange noises/voices that give "joy" to my friends' lives
•Create little doodles
•Play various sports (Soccer, Discus, Swimming, etc.)
•I hate watching sports, and the guy who came up with the idea of paying money to watch people having fun is a moron
•I have felt that they five way toomuch space to type your interests in here, and I'm running out of room now
•Anyone have any ideas for me to write in here? I'm open to all ideas that will later be rejected. Unless your a crafty person that make sme laugh, then I might add it in
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i forgot it 'n' can't member wair i left it

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