my name is .....
i like long walks on the beach
romantic candelit dinners
slow dancing
i'm just jokin
if u got anything more cheesey than that tell me so i can add it
i am in 10th grade and i hav some really hard classes that r 2 hard for me right now actually only one and it is AP BIO
the teacher who teaches it is crazy and evil and i despise her
this very nice girl who is in that class with me and my english class who never cusses said and i quote "I WANT TO STAB HER" i couldnt believe it
but that teacher is a .........
yea u get the picture now right


i like the dynasty warrior games and games just like them
i also really like any kinda rpg game
i like the gta series a lot
i am waitin for dw6 and fable 2
oh yeah i love the dead or alive fighting series also and the sims2 and i really like WWE games and the show and many other games i cant recall right now


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