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Sep 22, 11 7:04pm

You guys now I'm not the biggest fan of the Call of Duty franchise, and for a few reasons. However, if they added one thing to their online multiplayer, I would play the game so much.

Add vehicles in Matchmaking.

Outside of campaign, there are no vehicles in Cod's online multiplayer. One of the reasons I like Halo over CoD is that Halo does have vehicular combat, though it may be unbalanced, it is still present. Many of CoD's maps are too cramped for even a 4-wheeler to fit in. If vehicles were added into the mix, there would be a lot more action, and maps would have to be more open to fit them in, adding some diverse areas.

Your thoughts on this?

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Sep 19, 11 3:34am

I'm back again. Hiya.

I was watching my television a few weeks back when I saw an advertisement: a price cut in the 3DS.

Oh, and I knew it would happen. The system wasn't appealing enough, and the launch titles were (for the most part) awful. People are saving their money for the Mario games that will be released soon, or the StarFox 64 remake, and others. If Nintendo had just released these titles sooner, wouldn't they have gotten better sales? After screwing up the Wii, they screwed up the grand opening of their new system. Woopiddy doo.

Will the 3DS get the Wii's treatment as well? Get good games in the beginning, then lose momentum to other consoles that are releasing consistently good titles? I guess we;ll find out as the years go by.

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Apr 16, 11 5:01pm

At my school, they're having this laptop program in which students can bring in their own laptops, and those who don't just use school ones.

Naturally, all we do is play games.

You know, there's a lot of popular computer games out there, but it seems only two are played at my school: Minecraft and Happy Wheels.

Minecraft is a fun game, I have nothing against it. The classic (FREE) version has multiple multiplayer servers, including freebuilds, lava survival, zombie survival, spleef, capture the flag, and more.

Happy Wheels, on the other hand, is nothing but a stupid copy of Line Rider, but with stereotypical characters and senseless blood and gore.

Not saying I don't like blood and gore. I just don't like it when it's thrown into a stupid game. All you do in Happy Wheels is try to get to the end of a track, but there's speed boosts, harpoons and such.

However, the controls are crappy, you can loose body parts that affect your driving, and most of the courses are crappily put together, save a few fun ones. The whole game just seems like Line Rider, but with other crap thrown into the mix, and better graphics (though Line Rider isn't supposed to look graphically amazing...).

I just don't see the fun in that game. To me, it's a worthless piece of shit. Let's play N-Game, or RaidenX, or something along those lines.

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Mar 27, 11 9:50pm

Guesswhat? VCU is heading to Houston after wupping Jayhawk ass. Who has Butler vs. VCU in their Final Four? Please raise your hand.

See, this is what makes the NCAA the best Tourney out of all professional sports. It shows up every year with close games, huge upsets, and suprising appearances. The NFL Playoffs, World Series, Soccer Cup (whatever that is) have nothing on the NCAA.

Now let's have Kentucky beat up North Carolina for a REAL party in the Final Four. No number one seeds in it AT ALL. Thnak you VCU, Arizona, and the other teams who took down the big dogs.

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Mar 27, 11 3:49am

I'm on a roll today. Anyways...

I've given up hopes on a Star Wars: Battlefront 3. One of my favoirte shooter games series has come to an end with crappy spin-offs and the missing hole: Star Wars Battlefront 3.

It will never come. The developers had some problem/something else, I don't know. All I know is that the game's creation was given up. I waited patiently for years, until finally I just caved in. There will never be a Star Wars Battlefront 3, no way to repair the damaged series.

We can't end on this! Not with the many improvements Star Wars Battlefront 2 needs, not with other crappy Battlefront games making the series look bad! But alas, that is what will happen. All we can do is enjoy the two TRUE Battlefront games in existence.

R.I.P. Star Wars: Battlefront. May the Force be with you in Video Game Heaven.

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Mar 27, 11 3:34am

Well, after conferring with a supermod, I'm back alive. Turns out my 'friend' DrMario24 got me banned becuase he was spamming and flamming in other forums, and I sometimes logged in on his CP when I went to his house, and I got caught in the crossfire.

But, just saying: I am back. Limited activity, though.

Anyways, to the bulk of the post. Yay, the 3DS is coming out! says someone.

And I just shake my head...

Damnit, Nintendo. ANOTHER DS!? Let's get a little more creative here please. First, you make the original DS. Nice move, great system, good sales. Then, the DS Lite... a DS that costed at least 30$ more than a regular DS becuase its SCREEN was LIGHTER. Wow.

Then nother DS, with a camera included. How many devices these days have cameras, again? Too many to count. Another dumb move.

Aaaaand the 3DS. It doesn't seem to have many changes to it, and I KNOW it will cost a considerable amount more than other DS variants. Why buy this system, though?

I won't. Reasoning?

1. The launch titles, in one word: SUCK. The majority of the people I've spoken to on Neo and other gaming cites won't buy the 3DS on it's debut becuase of the bad launch titles.
2. I just don't care. "It has enchanced 3D graphics!" Is that REALLY necesary. I play a PS2, a DAMN PS2 still, and it doesn't have amazing enchanced 3D graphics. I still play it, though.
3. The cost. Self-explanatory.
4. Lack of modifications. What else besides the 3D graphics and that crappy thumbad? Not much...
5. WHY CAN'T NINTENDO MAKE SOMETHING BESIDES THE DS!!!! Seriously, instead of launching out DS's like the daily newspaper, experiment, and release something NEW with many improvements and modifications, instead of adding little tidbits ot the DS and charging more and more for every new one! AAAARGH!!!!

So, in conclusion, I will not be buying the 3DS. RANT OVER.


"u mad bro?"

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Nov 14, 10 11:47am

Let me just say this before the initial post starts: I'm sick of the COD versus Halo war. Sick sick sick sick sick sick SICK OF IT!

Go to any public place with video gamers and talk to someone about Halo. You'll get swarmed by people claiming that Call of Duty is the best FPS game ever invented and that Halo sucks (etc. etc. etc.).

Now, I like both games: Reach and Modern Warfare 2: but it's obvious that COD has poisoned all video gamers. I was at school the other day, and the assisstant principal mentioned COD in his lecture to make a point. When he said that, people APPLAUDED and CHEERED. That is just sad.

Now with all of the Black Ops hype (the game doesn't even look that good) all of the COD fanboys have come out of the woodwork. In my school class, I got pissed off when some guy cussed me out when I said Reach is better than Modern Warfare 2.

This stuff just needs to end. I like the Halo franchise (I am NOT a huge fanboy) and the COD franchise, but I think that people need to settle down and not take saying a game is better than another as a personal insult.

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Jul 28, 10 6:21am

Neo has cut back on activity.A lot.Getting past 1,000 posts wasn't easy when 95% of the threads I visit are inactive,five days behind active ones.Only a few threads win out,others get a few posts and then they're left in the dust.Now people are starting to feel the activity drop,now no one ever tries to make a Tourney/new crew in the SSBB foums.Just say the word and people will just say the same damn excuse:"No one will show up".Now they won't even try.

I came in around the activity drop,and now I'm sick of it.Neo,time to come out of your nap.People need to get a clue and try a Tourney or a new Crew once in a while.I'm succeding in this field so far,but for how long I don't know.Users just need to loosen up and think that the impossible is possible(wow that sounds lame).

About three threads are active in the SSBB general forum-the Characters You Want in the next SSBB thread(that's its third),the General Disscussion,and some stupid versus threads.The Dojo is basically dead,and the crews do everything but anything they're supposed to do.

SSBB users,get a clue.

Your thoughts?

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Jul 24, 10 12:01am

You've probably heard of Brawl noobs before.You log onto Wi-Fi,and you find yourself getting beat up by a Falco who camps and only uses smash attacks.Well,earlier today,I ran into two n00bs.They were partners in annoying the hell out of P2.Eventually,P2 and I fought back.When the ringleader n00b's partner left,he got a new one.

This one was so much worse.Every time P3 (the master n00b of the game) hit P4 (the master n00b's partner) he would jump off the edge,giving P3 some free points.We (P1 and P2-the n00b killers) were getting sick of P3 winning just becuase of his stupid partner.So we formed a solid partnership.

We would attack P3 every time the game started-bombard him with everything.Then,when he was killed,we would keep him away from P4 so he didn't get the cheap points he relied on so much.If he did hit P4,we'd hit P4 back so he couldn't fall of the stage.

This is what happens to me a lot of the time.It's probably happened to lots of people!But if you want n00bs out of your face,fight back.They're n00bs-they can't fight like a pro,much less a skilled player.But if you just keep hammering them,they'll give in. Are you fighting the SSBB n00b war?Then get the hell on the bandwagon!This will help you get the fighting pleasure you want over Wi-Fi,without all of these idiotic players clogging up the space. Your thoughts?

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Jul 20, 10 9:13am

Today's subject is on Nintendo,focusing on Mario's opposite,Wario.

He first debuted in Super Mario Land 2:6 Gold Conis,and quickly became a regular in the Mario franchise.Wario was made to be Mario's rival,other than Bowser.Their looks are similar-they wear overalls and hats,and have mustaches and black hair (though Mario's mustache is brown).

Then he started making his name in the Warioware games and spinoffs.But,I always pictured Wario as Mario's rival,fighting each other constantly.I'm not seeing much of that anymore,as though Nintendo has left him to be a game host.

I'd prefer to see Wario in more mainstream games soon.Shake It! was a great Wii title,and it would be great to see another.Or even have him help Mario out on an adventure,as in Super Mario 64 DS.But really,I think the famous plumber's rival should keep his name as Mario's evil opposite.Of course he can still do Warioware,but let him be the main antagonist of a new game,give him a new adventure,or give him a Mario adventure to co-star in as a partner or a villain.

Your thoughts?

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Jul 17, 10 10:23pm

The following blog post may make since to some,but not to others.

Well,let's get down to the post.Sonic the Hedgehog is dead.

I can understand you may be confused.But let me continue.In the 1990s,Nintendo was dominating the video game market with their mascot,Mario.SEGA needed a new mascot to fight the heroic plumber,and fast.A new system with another new Mario Bros. game was coming out from Nintendo-SEGA needed to answer back.

And so,Sonic the Hedgehog was born.Starting off in amazing 2D games that have forever earned a place in gamer's minds,Sonic was able to compete against Mario (hinting at their 'rivalry' in newer games).Then the blue blur evolved into 3D.Sonic Adventure DX was a great game.Not only were you able to play as Sonic-you could play as Tails,Knuckles,Amy,Gamma...even Big the Cat!Gamers even got brought to tears at Gamma's death. Then SEGA kept rolling with 3D games.The first few were great games-Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Heroes-then everything crashed.

How did this happen?SEGA just couldn't make good 3D games anymore (this is the part that some users may argue).Secret Rings was a failure-afterwards Sonic 06-the worst of the bunch-came out.Then Black Knight came out-considered a fail-and then Unleashed-considered a failure.

Unleashed was actually a turn for the best.Everyone loved the daytime gameplay.The Werehog killed everything.Gamers would've prefered Knuckles to take the place of the beast.

All I can say is that Sonic is dead-long live the shitty Next-Gen Sonic.

Your thoughts?

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Jul 16, 10 9:18pm

Really,this is pretty much the definition of bullshit.This is just an internet site for gaming nerds to talk to each other about other games and compete against each other,right reviews,etc.So why do we have to pay money-to change a username?I've heard idiotic things,but I don't really get why you have to pay up.It's a username-type in a few words and there ya have it.The old system (so I've heard) was that if you had an account for 10+ days,you'd get the ability to change your username.Now...we have to pay 10$!?Neo,go back to your old system.Prevent alternate accounts that people make JUST to change their username.

What do you all think?

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Jul 14, 10 1:06am

Ask around.Brawl is becoming a thing of the past.People are saying it sucks,and are spending their time on other great games on the Wii.Why does Brawl suck?I see some OK Wi-Fi,an expanded roster,great new modes,items,and a new adventure game.But when you play Brawl without someone else,it gets boring.You get tired of playing multiplayer against CPUs all the time.You get tired of toying with the Stage Builder.You get tired of crappy Wi-Fi connections and n00bs.So Brawl is a great game when you look at the great modes and all that.But...does it suck when actually PLAYING it?What do you all think?


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