MetalGigadramon dranzer
Dec 31, 04 6:49pm
Wow, I'm surprise there's only that much signs in your Guestbook dranzer. Anyway, I'm just dropping by to say hi and to visit DMW3 more often I hope. You're full of useful infos and all, why did you leave DMW3 for a while? Anyway, I gotta go, Later!

Be sure to sign back!
Galacticdramon dranzer
Jun 3, 04 1:16am
I don't know if you got my Private message, but anyway, I've found out some more info for you which you might be interested in. I'm just compiling it and I'll send it (probably by Private Message) ASAP.

PS. Thanks for helping with the info and the Walkthrough - it's now estimated to be around 65-70% complete, and I may be able to submit it by the end of the week.

From Galacticdramon
Chrono_Gamer dranzer
Feb 25, 03 4:21am
I can't believe no one signed your guestbook yet and you help so many people so I decided to sign hope to see ya in the boards ok bye