hey sign mine sometime!

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Just noticed that you had signed my guest book and I figured I'd do the same.

It's been nice seeing you around the WarCraft III forum and of course we can be friends.

Catch ya later.
Well, I can't let a friend down and you signed my guestbook, so thanks bud! How is everything? I haven't seen you in a long time. Thanks again!
P.S-Spread the word about signing guestbooks, its worth it!
You signed my guestbook so I guess I'll sign yours. I think I've come back to Neoseeker for good but that is not for certain...I think so though becasue good people like you will motivate me to do it.
Hey drako8! I saw your request for signing your guestbook and thought I would. Plus, I'm on a guestbook signing spree, you just happened to be one of my victims^_^Anyways, I hope I see you in at least one forum^_^

I don't know you much, and I haven't seen you in many forums, but you signed my guestbook, so I decided to return the favor.
Cripes, you definatly have a very effective way of getting signitures...

Well, anyway, I'm afraid you won't see me much, as I'm leaving soon for two months. Shame. Anyway, drop by the Golden Sun forum some time:)

Hey wassup drako8. You asked me to sign your guestbook so, here I am. Thanks for signing my guestbook, by the way . I hate the 125 character minimum.
Hi drako8! I'm signing your guestbook because you wanted me to. Also thanks for signing my guestbook. I hope you'll post more and have fun at Neoseeker.
thanks for your input of my avatar i'm glad you like it if you want it you can have it when i get a new one and thanks for signing my Gbook
Hey drako thanks for signing my guestbook. I need more people to sign mine:(, but oh well. Hey come visit the Luigi's Mansion forum and post some threads there. Hope to see you there!
Hello again drako8, I am signing your Guestbook again because I know that you changed your avatar just to be ~*NeoFriends*~ with me, your a Quality Member! I can't Thank you enough for changing your avatar! I hope I see you often around Neoseeker. I thought you were a Member longer, oh well it doesn't matter. I am thrilled to be ~*NeoFriends*~ with you! Here is a little Thank You for changing your avatar:

Hello drako8, you wanted me to sign your Guestbook so I'll sign it. I am sorry, but I will be ~*NeoFriends*~ with you if you change your avatar to something not violent. Well, have a nice day, Bye!

-Luigi Number 1-
Whats up, great treads you been posting...
your quite a great member, thanks for siging my guestbook and for the complement...
Hope you stick around...
man, you finnally got your pic up! jack, you should thank me. thanks for signing my guestbook! well I will be here for any questons.
Thanks for signing my guestbook. So here I am to return the favor. If you need any help just give me a buzz. Oh and sure I will be your NeoFriend. So I will see ya later.