dragonluigi dragonmk
Jul 31, 07 9:04am

happy birthday Mike. happy happy birthday happy happy bithday to you!
Orlando dragonmk
Jun 29, 07 4:04am
hey dragonmk well to another zero fan i stamped your book and because you are part of the Unknown Masters

Kinetic dragonmk
Jun 17, 07 11:46am
What's up man?
Good times on acww... good times...
you've been stamped!

heypeoples dragonmk
Jun 17, 07 7:49am
Do you know how to make stamps? Tell me!
ANYWAY... hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi!!!!
lol lol lol!


GOOD bye

lol lol lol!!!
Shadow EX dragonmk
Dec 08, 06 8:01am
You are a offical member of the mario fan club (soon to be the nintendo fan club) here is the mark of approval :shadowsonic: