luroberto dragonluigi
Dec 25, 08 5:46pm
or hanukah or kwanza or whatever you celabrate!
happy holidays, from me and my dog (whom has no name)
charizard master dragonluigi
Mar 17, 08 9:15am

made with paint and char modifications
luroberto dragonluigi
Feb 24, 08 12:51am
he he he.... about your 4th of july stamp....
*dramatic music*
i know! its like a bitch slap in the face, is it not?!?!?!!? (eh?)
so there ya go
luroberto dragonluigi
Dec 26, 07 9:21am
merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas!
(is that 100 letters?)
bob247 dragonluigi
Nov 19, 07 2:12pm
I'm going leaving neossker, it's too boring here online.¤t=new.jpg
Crystal Creation dragonluigi
Oct 14, 07 3:53am
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Kinetic dragonluigi
Jul 30, 07 11:49pm
Hey Jorge, what's up?
I'm on a signing spree, showin off my new stamp.

Seeya around the forums! ^^
WolfofSorrow dragonluigi
Jul 21, 07 4:32am
Hello! I want to say hi to you because I don't know why! I feel like it so there this is the message and there are no refunds =P
Jeremiah dragonluigi
Jul 17, 07 2:05am
Thanks for stamping, here's my stamp to stamp you back:
InnerDemon dragonluigi
Jul 16, 07 11:08pm
thanks for the stamp, here is mine.

have a kickass day.
Crystal Creation dragonluigi
Jul 16, 07 9:40pm

You're a cool guy, dude!
Luigi Rawks! and so do you! ^-^
Have fun with whatever you do!
(semi-rhyming poem)

Later Man!

Kopper dragonluigi
Jul 16, 07 3:15pm
You signed me. For some reason... so...
There... Ok? Do you like it?
tylon dragonluigi
Jul 16, 07 8:41am
hey thanks for signing mine. im not good with photo bucket so this is all i can do. any way hope to see ya around neo bye. if u need anything im on about 19/6 lol. just pm me or yahoo
charizard master dragonluigi
Jul 15, 07 9:17am
lol you seem like yr cool almost forgot how to do this... I need a stamp request... welcome to neoseeker... all ya need to know is ... don't : spam or flame or even double post...
Crystal Creation dragonluigi
Jul 13, 07 8:07am
...Hey there! Well, judging from your Avvy, you like Mario Strikers Football eh? It's an awesome game!
Anyways you seem cool and all, so i'm signing your Guestbook:

PM me sometime!
growlitheking dragonluigi
Jul 8, 07 12:58am
Im signing because..

A) You signed me
B) You know ma Peepz
C) I wanna be better friendz with you
D) Im bored..

dearest apollo dragonluigi
Jul 7, 07 11:43pm
A random signing for you. I see you around Loungin' quite often, which... umm... is cool? Hope to be friends, you seem like an alright guy.

Mrblikey dragonluigi
Jul 6, 07 7:09am
Stamp 4u, you are just one of the people to get dis stamp.

They are running because of the writing on the wall -.-
Kingy dragonluigi
Jul 5, 07 4:32am
Hey, thanks for the signin'. Hope you have a great 4th of July too. Here is a cool stickman fight:

kirby152 dragonluigi
Jun 29, 07 5:59am
hey dragonluigi! thanks for signing my Guest book and if you ever need help with anything tell me and i will try to help you!