much action and alot of blood, very nice. GodOfWar PS2
i enjoyed this game much omn the PS2, the single player mode is limited however. CallOfDuty3 PS3
a nice sequel of the R&C series, lot's of humour and action. RatchetandClankUpYourArsenal PS2
my first game on the PS2, i spend hours enjoying it, the king protopet is the most difficult boss of the entire R&C series. RatchetandClankGoingCommando PS2
it's recomendable if you like to play old games from time to time. SonicsUltimateGenesisCollection PS3
it's a good game, it has lot's of unlockable content. SuperSmashBrosBrawl Wii
it's a fun game, i played it ocasionally TheSimpsonsVirtualBart SNES
arise from your grave xD it's a nice game to play with two people. AlteredBeast GENESIS
the unique way of playing is very interesting, i wish there were more of these. ComixZone GBA
it's a fun game especially with 4 players. BladesOfSteel NES
a very good game, i loved geno's woods. SuperMarioRPGLegendOfTheSevenStars SNES
one of the best RPG's i have ever played. ChronoTrigger SNES
the single player mode is fun but sadly the online gaming is very limited and grows boring quick. TomClancysHAWX X360
the last thing i did in cod modern warfare was doing some online matches if i'm correct. i was busy with it untill killzone 2 came out. CallOfDuty4ModernWarfare PC
no free movement, the voicecommand isn't understood half the time it was not what i was hoping for TomClancysEndWar X360
i litterly played this game untill it was broken when i wasd a kid. luckely i found a new one. ReVolt PC
one of the early 3-D games. if you look at it now it is almost simple but back then this was good stuff. RainbowSix PC
i also played it for the N64. what is better then being a big mnster who'sd goal is to destroy things. RampageWorldTour N64
the best one of the 3 digimon games in my opinion. this game deserves a remake. DigimonWorld3 PSX
it's a classic indeed. not very easy to play for a newbie but most definatly worth it if you love retro games. DonkeyKongClassics NES

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