Azn_Applecake dragon2kool
Aug 23, 06 2:30am
Just wanted to sign some guestbooks...

Please Sign Back

Ikary dragon2kool
Jul 24, 05 10:32pm
Well, I really liked the previous ones and I hope this one to bo as good or better than the others. You seem to like Soul Calibur too, so I'm signing your guestbook.

Well, seeya
FenriZ 666 dragon2kool
Apr 30, 05 12:26pm

The BDK proudly announces its further expansion in to the realm of synthetic generations and neon age lolitas

QuizzyFan8 dragon2kool
Apr 29, 05 6:44am
I see you post around often so i decided to sign your guestbook sorry i didn't post a stamp. I am also a huge fan of BoA i absolutely love her. See ya around.
modestmiroku dragon2kool
Apr 27, 05 3:39am
I've seen you in most of the forums that I go to so I think I'll sign your G.B.I wish I could leave you a stamp or something but I've been to lazy to sign up with an image host.Maybe next time.

Btw who's the woman in your avatar ang sig?She's really cute.
jespomo dragon2kool
Mar 27, 05 1:44am
Hey there dragon2kool

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
JT2200 dragon2kool
Mar 19, 05 7:13am
Hi, you seemed nice so I am signing your guestbook and please sign back.
Belzac dragon2kool
Mar 3, 05 2:44am
I've been reading your posts in the DW5 forum. Your a nice and cool dude. Hope we could become friends.
Alfredblade dragon2kool
Feb 26, 05 4:26pm
I seen you alot in my favoirte fourms. Just felt like signing your guestbook. I hope you sign mine as well. Anyway see you in the fourms:cool:
devilorangel50 dragon2kool
Nov 6, 04 3:23am
Soz you cant read the wrighting very clear. Mind you i am using paint to do this.

Sticks38 dragon2kool
Nov 3, 04 5:37am
HI! Just one of those stamp-like things.

Hail Him and [link name=SIGN BACK][/link] Thanks

Enth dragon2kool
Oct 31, 04 1:44pm
Signing your guestbook back, I'm on a signing spree anyway...Here we go....STAMP!

DQ Maniac dragon2kool
Oct 31, 04 12:03am
Homunculus Lover dragon2kool
Oct 26, 04 12:44am
I've seen you around quite a few times. I thought I'd be nice and sign your guest book. Hope you get the cvhance to sign back mine. Anyway, I'll see you around.

You've been signed by the one and the only 5% sane Demon Lover!
Ffantasy_gamer dragon2kool
Oct 16, 04 4:40pm

now sign mine or else guestbook
bLuE_PiNaY_LvEr dragon2kool
Sep 19, 04 6:58am
One of them random signings...

Please sign &/or pm back if you don't mind...

Signed by Moi,
TheRoyalKnight dragon2kool
Sep 16, 04 4:11am
I'm just signing your guest book cause I felt like it. Got a problem with that? =p

Here my stampy
_Shinigami_ dragon2kool
Aug 30, 04 8:06pm
Hey there dragon2kool! how are you doing today? well it's been a while since we last talked. Anyways I was signing peoples guestbooks and I thought I would sign yours, so I am! =p Well anyways talk to ya later. Byes! ^_~


NSX dragon2kool
Aug 23, 04 7:34am
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around dragon2kool. Sign back if you want...
Fujiwarano_Sai dragon2kool
Aug 1, 04 1:32am

cya around
Satokasu Suki dragon2kool
Jul 17, 04 7:57pm
I've seen you around a ton of places, and I can't help but notice your beautiful avatar and banner. BoA rules! She's my favourite singer right now! Do you have any favourite songs of hers?

All of her songs are great, but here are some of my favourites off the top of my head(in no particular order):

  • Moon Sunrise
  • Love and Honesty
  • Sara
  • Maybe, Maybe Not
  • Valenti
  • Every Heart
  • So Much in Love
  • Atlantis Princess
  • Jewel Song
  • Come to Me
  • Kiseki
  • Love Bug (with M-Flo)

    See you around the forums,

    ~ Satokasu Suki
  • youko kurama dragon2kool
    Jul 16, 04 3:33am
    iam back in a big way 2 staps for you liar i didnt give you one yet

    ha #2
    Dark Linda dragon2kool
    Jul 10, 04 6:40am
    thanks for signing my g-book before, now i'm actually returning the favor after so long ^^; it's been fun talking to you on AIM. you gotta be sure to send me more BoA songs too eh well im not sure what else to put so i guess i'll see ya around.
    Fujiwarano_Sai dragon2kool
    Jul 10, 04 3:15am

    I see you have talked to me on AIM..
    Well, glad to meet you

    See u around~
    Satokasu Suki dragon2kool
    Jun 23, 04 3:00pm

    It's nice to meet you. Hope you're enjoying the re-runs over there in the United States.

    See you around the forums,

    ~ Satokasu Suki