Chain Chomp donpablo
Dec 15, 05 1:32pm
I honestly dunno if you will even return!!! But hey! I guess I was waiting until I knew more about this place and well...

Children these days...

See ya around...hopefully!
TommyVercetti donpablo
Sep 9, 04 3:00am
I'm not sure if I ever signed your guestbook, but I see you've signed mine a long time ago so I thought I'd return the favor. I hardly ever sign gustbooks but I'm going to start doing it more often. Maybe I'll see you around.
SerialZero donpablo
Oct 5, 03 11:24am
Greetings! SerialZero here. I wanted to say thanks for signing my guestbook, and to apologize for not signing yours sooner. I'm glad I got to meet people like you as mod of Silent Hill 2, and I miss all you guys now that I'm in charge of Silent Hill 3 instead. See you around the forums! Take care!
Tres donpablo
Aug 28, 03 2:11am

It's the end...What will you do now?.........
Stregom donpablo
Aug 9, 03 4:06am
I just now noticed that you signed my guestbook in october of 2002! lol. so here, now i don't suck, cause i've signed yours. and in reply to your second post in my guestbook, i figured you were joking, even if it did take me about 10 months. lol.
D Ray Silva donpablo
Jun 23, 03 7:29am
well i signed yours so you wanna sign my you silly bastid blahhhhhh booby cooby sooby hooby ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhh
man help me it wont
damaja donpablo
Mar 21, 03 10:27am
Hey, how you doing? Dunno why I am signing your book, I just say you name and thought, what the hell. GTA:VC is good, big machetes are cool aswell. Falling down big hills is not so cool, if you had filmed it, jackass might have signed you up.

Peace out.
solomon caine donpablo
Feb 10, 03 6:56am
well, if it isn't the don of smiles! i wanted to thank you for signing my guestbook and to say that i was sorry for not doing so earlier. i've been very busy, but now i am going to be back and strong as ever in my posts. you will probably see me in the grand theft auto 3 posts for quite a while. put me under neo friends so we can keep in contact. i hope you read this soon.

lord of vice city donpablo
Jan 29, 03 11:41pm
thanx for signing me guestbook and youre not the first sorry i had to delete those as it strangely slowed my loading cheers for signing my guestbook
Xeno donpablo
Jan 29, 03 12:16pm
Hey, Don, Thank for signing my Guestbook. I got rid of the Mecha-Jesus Banner but...

If it works you can have Mecha-Jesus everywhere you go.
mash bandecoot donpablo
Dec 27, 02 12:28am
Yo sup thx for signin mine ill sign your now

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D Ray Silva donpablo
Dec 21, 02 2:21am
sorry it took so long to sign this i just found it right now, but thenks for signing mine.'ill right something longer later ,but i'm about to go to 3rd period now see ya.
Coroner donpablo
Dec 20, 02 4:20am
Hi there donpablo.

Sorry for the delay, but as a token of gratitude that someone finally signed my guestbook (thank you), I shall do the same.

And, as a responce to your entry in my guestbook: If the Coroners office becomes your future place of employment, i must warn you.... It's kinda dead around here
MegaDemon donpablo
Dec 10, 02 11:45pm
Hi! Im signing your guestthingy as a token of my thanx for signing mine see ya around,
MegaDemon, (Demoness of Sueno (and soon the world )
ilikechocolate donpablo
Dec 9, 02 3:21pm
hey dog thanks for being the first to sign my guest book i didnt realize somebody signed it until today cuz nobody ever signs it so thanks dog.
Beast donpablo
Dec 3, 02 5:09am
What up? You signed my guestbook like 2 months ago and I didn't even realize cuz no one ever signs it any way peace hope to see you around neo.
gokus_best_friend donpablo
Nov 16, 02 9:25pm
Dear donpablo,

Thanks for signing my guestbook donpablo. I think NEO BILLY AND CHUCK are funny.

Well cya round NEOSEEKER mate.

mash bandecoot donpablo
Oct 28, 02 1:29am
hey dude, sup. thanks for signing my guest book, i hope to see you round the vc fourm more. GO donpablo!!!!!!!!!!!

Mash out
Michael Dildough donpablo
Oct 25, 02 6:07pm
Hi, it's me
Michael Dildough! I haven't been on the forums lately at all . Hope to see you there after VC comes out!
Mobius 1 donpablo
Oct 24, 02 7:04am
Hey thanks much for the sig.! This is a cool place to be and discuss things with!Can't wait to get vice eh? me neither!Once again...thanks!
GTA3helper2002 donpablo
Oct 19, 02 8:59pm
hey thanks for signng my guestbook donpablo

i appriciate it alot thanks once again

GTA3helper2002- future moderator
AHorse donpablo
Oct 19, 02 7:09pm
I feel honoured that you took the time to sign my guestbook Donpablo, Don of all smilies. I wish to thank you and repay the favour by signing your guestbook. I have much respect for you
Epidemik donpablo
Oct 19, 02 3:42pm
hey thanks for signing my guestbook, i never noticed that i had one heh, thanks for the welcome too ill check back sometime, do you have a website? i would like to add it to mine if thats not a problem
BucNazT donpablo
Oct 18, 02 7:57pm
Thought I would sign you guestbook, seeing you were the first to sign mine! lol, Thanks, Sorry I didn't respond sooner I have been busy! Hope to see you around neo!
Dark Hado donpablo
Oct 18, 02 6:11pm
are you sure you signed my book!
i don't remember going to the silent hill forum!but maybe! i see you are a popular man!
lots of poeple in your guest book!