. Constantly overcaffinated. Somtimes wakes in middle of night craving Moutain Dew. Puts coffie grounds in it. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
.My hair is messy, frizzy, and sticking up, all the time.
.Once, not too long ago got stuck in a stepladder because i bet myself i couldnt get through there
. Used to think it was a huge coincidence that all the mafia leaders names are "Don"
.Treasures a machette and an axe i found in the woods.
.If my freinds, my dog, or myself is messed with, i kind of "black out" and wake up covered in blood. lol
.A huuuuge antisocial problem!!
. Is the don of the smilies!!!
.Likes sweet hawaiian rolls!!!
.Almost killed going down a rockey cliff on a broke-up sled, falling off, tumbling all the way down, and landing in a freezing cold pond.
. And last but not least................... i think pugs rock!!!! but then again what non stupid, non cruel, non pug hating person doesnt eh??


I like playing PS2. My favorite games are the Resident Evil series, Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, GTA3, GTA:VC, and soon Silent Hill 3!!

My actually active activities- riding quads, snowboarding, skateboarding,sleeping(i roll over alot, making it active), and swimming!!!!oh and i like to watch TV!!!


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