Thanks for signing my guest book... You're a man after my own heart. Keep listening and going to shows.

Rock on and Stand Strong
Hiya Don....

I'm Sorry For Not Signing Your Guestbook After 7 Months,But I Could Never Get Round The Minimum Character Length Limit....

Anyway,I Have Seen You Aruond In The Grand Theft Auto Forums(And Tiny Toon Adventures....Oh,Memories),And I Am Currently Signing All Of My NeoFriends' Guestbooks....

See You Around the Forums

I see you a Vito fan. U interested in Jackass, Viva La Bam, Wildboyz fan too? Anyway good to meet u dude. If you can, please sign my guestbook and tell me a little bout yourself k? -jONES
Hey, I’m totally sorry for neglecting to sign your guestbook and thanks for signing mine.

Hope to see you on one of the Grand Theft Auto message boards again sometime in the meantime heres one of my gifts for you.

Bye RP

hello..iz on a guest book spree and found u and like me u love bob so happy ive found a person...WOW in england(just noticed) that likes him..... hope your gunna see in nxt month in london hee hee
hey, you signed my guestbook (twice actally) so i'm signing yours......................... . . . . . .
The ban is finally over. It went by pretty fast too, I can't remember anything from the last 2 months. I got bored so I made one of those stamp thingies that people are always using.

It's beautiful. Making that was actually hard too. Cya around.
*bounces in and scribbles her name glyph on the wall*
There.. signed ya book; you're mad but fun don... keep chattin'

The Littlest Spiral
hey dude! its awsome talking to you, and it was great seeing u around in the forums, ill chat with you more later, have fun and stay out of trouble, cya!
Hey Don!

It's always been a pleasure talking with you, both on Neo and MSN!

See ya around!


Stupid character length thingy.
hey don whats happening man? i seen you around alot of froums, espically the GTA3 forum. see ya around the forums

Hello, don vinto, I've signed your guestbook. How're you doing? How did you get banned? I got banned once- no big deal. Mine was only for a day and in one forum. Well, just saying hi!
Hey I have I seen you around a lot in the GTA3 and in the GTA Vice City forums so I thought to stop by and sign your g-book and also cause you have also been a good friend. I hope to see you more around neo. Peace,
Hiya don,thanks for signin my G/B...cant really think of much else to say right now...see ya around Neo...

Thank you soo much for signing my guestbook!! I was totally surprised!!

Thanks for the pic, too!! I love it!!

It is very very nice to meet another Beatles fan, and I hope to talk to you more!!

Well I spent a while trying to think up something clever and now I have. So you can consider yourself:

By the Sprite
Signed - Gamo
Good to see more londoners here, i only know of one other and that is shadow fayde. Anyway good to see you here, sign my guestbook please
Hey thank your for signing my GB

and yes i love poetry i think it is
very lovely and artistic where would
we be with out it!
and yes emily dickison is a very good poet!

and Garbadge rule

so rock on!
u nu hear? ya ya just thought i'd grace yer guestbook with my presence

so how is merry ol' england? I tell ya LA is not always what it's cracked up to be.

my perceptions of london are drawn from movies like Snatch and Lock, Stock and from games like The Getaway.

I bet you think LA is like Training Day and True Crimes: Streets of LA.... well... it is. except there are more Hispanic people... and more derelects (stinky bums- as we call them)

...well gotta run... i got cars to jack and gangstas to shoot... peace out dog!!!
Hey don vinto, I felt like signing your guestbook because I'm in the holiday mood. I'll see you around the forum! Oh, and may you have a happy new year!
I see you alot around the GTA Forums so i figured i'd come and sign your GB. Feel free to stop by and sign mine anytime soon or PM me if you wanna chat or anything.

Well, Ill say hi to you too. Hi. Thanks for signing my guestbook don. See you around Neo. Maybe Ill 'watch you' back.
(Freakin supid length thing)
Hey welcome, good to see yet another hardcore GTA fan, thought Ide drop by and stamp here.