Anybody got these two :/ unfortunately i dont have much to trade because of the poke bank not being ready yet ;( but would re

Hullo m'friend! Been a long time.

Poison gym Leader: dmooney94 PO: dmooney94

Leader: dmooney94 PO: dmooney94 Rules 1. I will decide the type of battle it will usually be a standard 6v6, but be

Heya does anybody have one of these floating about? a Clone will do I'm not fussy about the nature or anything purely for

Either of these will do I've got some dwf's all ready to trade and some that require breeding (e.g I have moxie herac

eitheir of these 2 willing to offer up some dwf's and legendaries for eitheir of these 2 clones of the genesect are fine

looking for eitheir of these two currently Ive got these dwf's in stock Moxie heracross (x2) Drilbur Riolu Poliwag

Going to London on the 2nd :D

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