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Oct 1, 12 4:58pm

whats with all ofthese ds xl's i man it would be cool to have bigger screens but really. i think i would produce something even more interactive than the 3DSXL. it would be cool to have a 3G ds with 4D graphics. right anybody?

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djpoo blogged
Jul 3, 12 9:38pm

There really should be a pokemon orange or a pokeon purple. orange could also be called topaz and purple could also be called amethyst. the original idea of pokemon was to have all colors of the standard rainbow be the seris. now pokemon has names of gems and a few colors. i am just curious at what gamefreak is doing for the pokemon industry right now. thats my blog post!
djpoo blogged
Jun 30, 12 7:28pm

Alright so I was watching the top most amazing videogames of all time yesterday and i still can not believe that people chose super mario bros as the top videogame. they showed like five zelda games yet i would have chosen the legend of zelda twighlight princess as number one according to that huge E3 event that happened years ago in Los Angels and New York where thousands of fans of all time favorite video games came to celebrate the Nintendo World s Grand Opening. You would think after all that twilight princess or at least something else could have been number one. dont you agree?

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Jun 19, 12 9:57am
whoever reads this, you all know that djpoo's in town!!!
Jun 18, 12 8:25pm
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