Pyroguy dj__saturn
Nov 16, 04 8:25am
You never knew me and I never knew you but I am now a regular in the Halo and Halo 2 forum and just wanted to sign this out of respect to you.
Bubbster dj__saturn
Dec 31, 03 3:10am
to my fellow xboxer

take care fellow xboxer.

Hank228 dj__saturn
Dec 18, 03 7:07am

Thats right, its me! Mu-Ha-Ha-Ha... something...

Buh-Bye now!
RE Boys dj__saturn
Nov 30, 03 11:38am
Is it possible to beat the game on legendary?I cant get past the first level because it takes a whole assault rifle clip for one freakin grunt
May 4, 03 2:16am
i can honestly say that me and my best friend, while on active duty in the Army, turned Hanau Germany out on halo. we are die hard halo fans. we were both mad we missed the halo bungie championships. but believe me the next one that they have we will be there and problaby take home first and second place. But anyways I cant wait till halo 2 comes out. believe it or not I have a money order for 100 bucks so i can get two of em cuz i know its gonna be system linkable and hopefully LIVE also. well hopefully i will see you guys and gals at the next championship. remember the screen name because i will deliever and be the MAN.
Steady Eddy dj__saturn
Dec 10, 02 11:16pm
i play counterstrike too, what's your fav. server and maybe i'll see ya there (mine's Netizen or Net PC) i go by the handle Steady Eddy so look out for me eh?
MegadramonX dj__saturn
Oct 15, 02 2:26am
I just signning with a friendly stamp of my U-name. I don't expect you to sign my guestbook in repay, but if you do, Thank you very much

Hank228 dj__saturn
Sep 24, 02 4:49am
hey dude, whats up? Whats it like being a Mod, hard work, lots a fun I bet, well, anyway, I like your website, and the pics about the elite on the elevator
Darkfire dj__saturn
Sep 21, 02 7:59am
4ll y0ur b4s3 4r3 b3l0ng 70 us! y0u 4r3 0n 7h3 w4y t0 d3s7ruc7210n! y0u h4v3 n0 ch4nc3 t0 surv1v3 m4k3 y0ur t1m3! H4h4h4h4h4h4!
Paynie dj__saturn
Aug 10, 02 11:29am
I`m just get Halo and is great! so u now what the Halo 2 relase date for Scandinavian countrys is?
I`m gonna PM u but that. Paynie.
azurikriseOparathia dj__saturn
Jul 19, 02 4:37pm
hey, build a new mode for multi, make it regualr everything, except only shotguns and invisibility, and then play a long walk down a short hall
drako8 dj__saturn
Jul 16, 02 9:05pm
Hi im draco8 the neo-newbie i hear moderators are the best you can get? Moderators can do anything right i dont mean to bother you but will you be my neofreind????
morris dj__saturn
Jul 11, 02 8:35pm
I'm new the Halo thing was a mistake I was just wonddering what that New Forum button did! SOORY! I still hope you like me man. I some Day would like to be a Moderator, so don't kick me off ok man?
P.S Can you sign my gest book?
Thank you man.
RagingPhoenix dj__saturn
Jun 16, 02 7:09am
Thanks for being a major help in the forums and for helping everyone. Congratulations on being moderator. Remember "With great power come great responsibility." (Spiderman)
MasterCheat dj__saturn
Jun 15, 02 7:41pm
sweet new sig, wherd ya get it? anyway keep it real bro. You are the one that keeps everyone happy in the Halo commmunity.

Keepin' it reel in PA
Gravity dj__saturn
Jun 15, 02 5:51am
What can I say. Your the MAC. Love your new sig. Light up some flood for me! Can't wait till this fall. Keep up the great work. You'll all have to visit Saturn's Halo site.
AJ dj__saturn
Jun 3, 02 8:41pm
Hey there Saturn dude, how are ya?

I've known ya for quite a while now, I believe we first crossed paths on the ever famous Loungin' forum and its always cool to have a good dicussion with ya over at the forums.

You're also a good friend of Slacker's and I talk to him a lot, and I've only heard good things of you.

Keep with neo as always.

Neras dj__saturn
May 29, 02 5:57pm
Ok, here we go...
(in a monotone voice)
[Insert member name here] is a great contributor to the [Insert forum name here] Forums. He/She is always willing to help people out, etc, etc, etc...
Ummm... yeah, just stick Saturn's name into the box and put Xbox Forum and you're sorted
Nah, seriously, Saturn's a great member, the Xbox Forums just wouldn't feel the same without him round here

Me llamo Devilchild y adios amigos!
Slacker dj__saturn
May 13, 02 6:22pm
How are things mate? Well, you've been involved with the Halo forum ever since I can remember, and you've always been a positive asset to it. I think that you are a great guy and a wonderful member of the Neoseeker community. Keep up your high standard of post quality, and say No to Spam...

The One and Only,
nexX dj__saturn
May 13, 02 5:56pm
Hey 2nd one in along time eh;) well i read your post in da guestbook thread and since you been on for awhile and said you help alot of people and i feel sorry for i would like to just sign ya book and let others know that you sound like a cool guy...cyaz round eh^_^

P.S Good luck getting more signed:P
sic dj__saturn
Apr 18, 02 7:20am
Thanks for signing my book. I will be with the Xbox for a long time mate. It is good to see you on most of the forums. Stay cool and will c u around.