Um, im called katy or kate or dizzy retard or just retard =P
I luv music, music is basically me. i am music. lol. I like heavy metal, rock, punk, ska-punk is ok. my fave bands and songs are muse (time is running out and plug in baby are fab.), linkin park (with you is the best and lying from you), blink 182 (luv all their songs apart from track 5 or 6 i think on their album blink 182), less than jake (my best friends are metal heads). Yash. I luv me m8s too, how could i survive without them... and my family too. i like dancing when no one is looking and singing when im on my own (and only when im on my own, i think you can guess why, and for all those people that cant guess its because i cant sing) =P
My faveouritist quotes are:
Oh, look, a unicorn! Nope, its just a regular horse.
im not a retard im a very special girl.
it all goes straight in one ear and straight out the other.


My fave games are GTA vice city and 3, The sims (i hav all the expansion packs) those are my main favourites. i like to go online and chat to my mates on msn messenger and go in chat rooms and game sites and stuff like that.
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