Let's just say it: Persona 5 has been officially announced for PlayStation 4. There's your reason for upgrading, RPG fanatics who have been tenuously holding onto their PlayStation 3's. Not longer will anyone have to get by on Tales of <...

Didn't get a notification since 3 days. Awesome.
So I woke up at 3 AM from a voice of a beeping bomb, and am still up. Its 8 AM ;-;
March forth, Brotherhood? Assassin'sCreedBrotherhood PC

Alright, so what we're gonna cover in this article is the current status of the consoles of this generation. This post wi

So recently @kingy and me have started playing a lot of Club Penguin together. Well this site is so childish, so full of imma

Continue your discussion, loveliest people <3 Previous Post: --Quote-- --Quote Aurigae-- --Quote Verotten-- @Aurig

So I decided to bring it back. But before posting my list, I'd love to know what you guys' favorite soundtracks fr

Just finished Pokemon X. OMG Best Pokemon game ever PokemonX 3DS

Hey guys! I have the following items I'd like to trade: _ITEMS_ Lucky Egg x2 Heat Rock x1 Eviolite x2 Hard Stone

Pokemon X is super amazing! Already 30 hours into it =3

So I've been trying to get a cloner for days, but all in vain. Ended up posting a thread for it. I need a few Pokemon

So I was breeding Pokes for shiny hunting, but then got bored and gave up :P I now have loads of lvl 1 Scythers, Torchics, Bu

What are your favorite student characters out of these 15 that were introduced? I like Gundam Tanaka. A character that had

It's NeoDilute. Feel free to add me! I have no idea how it works :XD;

Hey guys! I'm looking for the Charizardite X stone, I accidentally ended u getting myself 2 Blastoisinite instead of a CH

Hey guys! I was late to get my copy of Pokemon X, so I can't really get myself the Torchic with the Hidden Ability and Bl

Hey guys! I just got myself a new 3DS and a copy of Pokemon X. However I need to restore my 3DS to its factory settings, but


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