So my PS Vita is now officially sold. Time to remove it from my list of platforms. ;(
Inactive for a week. About time.

Hey guys, I want to get either X or Y. I have no idea which one has the better 'mons since I haven't used them, so I

Life is a bully. DX
Streaming the final mission of GTA 4 on Twitch right now!

One hour left. Which side are you with?

Damn, one can't even share accounts on a 3DS :(

So have you encountered any lucky moments lately? When I bought my phone and inserted my SIM, I got 2 GB of free data usag

A bit crazy question to ask, but what are your favorite emotes on Neo? Mine are: :annoyed::epic::thick::_pointy1:

Been trying a mission in GTA 4 since 2 hours. Damn police makes me screw up :#
Yeah, so I beat Conception II. Will definitely recommend it to anyone ConceptionII PSVita
Totally like done with Neo.
Didn't sleep since 38 hours gogogogogo
I can't believe it I'm out for a holiday yet I'm staying up till 5 AM surfing the net.

The TV Shows Forum is looking for its next header -- and you have the chance to make it!Requirements: The header must have TV Shows written on it It must also have all the current links written on it; that is, Forum Rules, Forum Tag Index, an...

Out of town for a few days. Catch you guys later!
My PC's been on for 80 hours as of now. Poor thing! ;(

So I've been spending a lot of money on fast food lately. I usually just meet up with friends, and we eat food. Its becom


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