So I got my new glasses today, and *bleep*, I now see the world in 1080p instead of 480p. Everything looks so good. Also t

Goodbye 3DS! You'll not be missed, unfortunately(maybe a little tho)

I'm looking to buy Smash Bros. 4 and can afford another game in exchange for my Pokémon X. I'm really tempted

Can't get enough of the Smash Bros 3DS Demo :o

So less than a week is left for the Tokyo Game Show 2014. What are you looking forward to the most in this year's TGS? --Quote-- According to multip

I'm sure most PlayStation fans are depressed like me... that the game is coming out on a Nintendo 3DS then a PlayStation

Persona 5 hype, too much to handle D:

Alright guys. I'm in a fix so I need help. Consider this situation. I have a bit of money, to buy, uh one console and

Let's just say it: Persona 5 has been officially announced for PlayStation 4. There's your reason for upgrading, RPG fanatics who have been tenuously holding onto their PlayStation 3's. Not longer will anyone have to get by on Tales of <...

Didn't get a notification since 3 days. Awesome.
So I woke up at 3 AM from a voice of a beeping bomb, and am still up. Its 8 AM ;-;
March forth, Brotherhood? Assassin'sCreedBrotherhood PC

Alright, so what we're gonna cover in this article is the current status of the consoles of this generation. This post wi


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